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Jinho_tw (@jinho_tw) Instagram Profile Photo jinho_tw



🍑Karen 카렌🍑 (@igot__exo) Instagram Profile Photo igot__exo

🍑Karen 카렌🍑


니야♡⃜ (@jini___lv27) Instagram Profile Photo jini___lv27



image by 니야♡⃜ (@jini___lv27) with caption : "유토~ 생일축하해요 🎂💗 これからもPENTAGONのかっこいいYUTO💙でいてください👐

화이팅👍사랑해❤️ #YUTODAy" - 1697980400904982405
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유토~ 생일축하해요 🎂💗 これからもPENTAGONのかっこいいYUTO💙でいてください👐 화이팅👍사랑해❤️ #YUTODAy

종현~🕊 multifandom 🌷 (@bringmebangtan) Instagram Profile Photo bringmebangtan

종현~🕊 multifandom 🌷

image by 종현~🕊 multifandom 🌷 (@bringmebangtan) with caption : "#HappyYutoDay #YutoDay (belated)
Happy Yuto Day:)) Ah Yuto is such an angel like awe my heart. He’s such a huge dork a" - 1702338298624015675
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Day (belated) - Happy Yuto Day:)) Ah Yuto is such an angel like awe my heart. He’s such a huge dork and he’s so adorable. I love when he speaks Japanese honestly his vOiCE :)) It makes me sad to think that he must’ve felt so homesick though. It must be difficult leaving your country and then being the only Japanese member in your group. Aw it makes me wanna protect him so bad like iM sOft. I absolutely adore his smile. Seriously. You can really tell a lot from a person just by their facial expressions / smile. He has such a carefree smile and his laugh is honestly so cute and addictive. He never fails to make me smile along with him:)) His humble heart is adorable, he never thinks of himself and always says he’s the least attractive when everyone around him is saying the opposite. He has such a heart of gold honestly. He’s such a clean freak but i really like that idk. I can’t stand mess, it drives me crazy but Yuto always tries to make sure everything is in order and clean. He’s so well put together even though he’s so young and he’s so independent ah he’s amazing. I really love his deep, low voice. It makes his rapping sound even better and oml his “Yuto-Da” before he raps. Iconic. I still find it so adorable that he’s afraid of the dark.. a guy like him doesn’t seem like he would be yeno? It shows a softer side to him, like i would gladly hold him and never let him go HE IS JUST SO CUTE😂🤧 He really seems like the emotionless type but he’s really not, he’s not afraid to show his emotions. He’s so caring and loving. He’s always hugging someone istg he’s so adorable aksjsjs i’ll never stop saying that. I really hope he had a great day because he’s amazing and i love him a lot😂💕💕

Pentagon Indonesia (@pentagonesia) Instagram Profile Photo pentagonesia

Pentagon Indonesia

image by Pentagon Indonesia (@pentagonesia) with caption : "[FANCAFE] 
Family ❤️
Cr tentagonly 
#PENTAGON #펜타곤 #Kinoday #Yutoday #wooseokday #maknaeline #cubeptg #cube" - 1701664196578788509
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[FANCAFE] Family ❤️ . . Cr tentagonly #Yutoday