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How lucky I to be the momma to someone who so much looks up to me and tries to mirror my actions. She makes me want to be a better person. Someone she can be proud of and learn the value in self love. . . . . #yogi

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Aquí estoy de nuevo con la práctica del handstand, lo que sucede es que cuando sufres una caída se tiende a@tomar miedo y cuesta volver hacerlo pero hay que vencerlo y seguir en busca del objetivo 😘 y 😘 se van logrando los objetivos. 💫💪🏼 Hoy día 21/365 en 💪🏼 . Jamás Dejes De Sonreír 😀♾ . . #yogi  

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Amber Yogini Wellness Studio

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

“If you’re struggling and you’re fighting to be seen, sometimes you’re supposed to be hidden.... at the right time, God will reveal you, your talents and everything you’ve done to the world” - Tyler Perry Sometimes it seems that you’re continuously hitting roadblocks and this can be daunting. I’ve hit so many roadblocks in my life. Some that have made me cry, some that have frustrated me and some that have made me so angry. When you want something so badly and it seems like things just aren’t working out for you, try to see it as a steppingstone. I’ve come to realize that things don’t always happen when you want it to because it may not be the right time for it and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you or you’re not good enough. It just means that it’s not time to bloom. Be patient, positive and open to what the universe is sending to you and holding in place for you. Your time will come. #yogi

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Jade Laitano

Aquí y ahora.... Esa es siempre la práctica Ángulos raros para filmar y ese... Claramente documentar no es mi fuerte 😂 #yogi

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