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Snuggled up on train to London for @hotpodyoga training day 🙌🏻 I usually use train journeys for personal development but today it’s all about the loud music and strong coffee 🤘🏻 . In the yoga world I’ve seen people struggle as they feel they are failing if they aren’t feeling love and light 100% of the time. Life is about flow so whatever you’re feeling, feel it. Whatever you need to do to feel peace and at home, do it. You are the only you and you know whats best, trust yourself fully 🖤 . . #yogarebel

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Maria De Noda

Sometimes things don't go as planned. I was supposed to be in Wisconsin right now teaching Module 5 of my 300 hour CSV yoga training. That didn't happen. After a 12 hour ordeal yesterday of trying to get there I came back home. My first flight on Delta was delayed, then cancelled. I got booked on United for a later flight. That flight was also delayed and then cancelled. I tried to get another flight out but all flights for that night were cancelled or full. Instead we decided to do an online training for this Module. Making the best out of a situation, accepting change, letting go of control and adapting Isn't that the true practice of yoga anyway? Thank you to Stephanie from @zenandpow.steph for quickly working to set it up, to the trainees for showing up and thank you to modern technology for making it possible. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rebel

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Pure Yoga Sandyford

Pure Yoga Sandyford

International Yoga Day, Friday 21 June. Theme of the day ‘Yoga for Heart’. Do you something this Friday that challenges and fears your heart and soul. You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take 💗 All of our @pureyogadublin members are welcome to bring a friend or two for free ✌🏻 Absolute with Jie at 10 a.m. and back again with Jules at 4.30 p.m. There will be eats and treats after the p.m. class. Any questions just DM me 🌸 rebel

YOGA REBEL 💫 Los verdaderos rebeldes se conocen a si mismos y no compromenten sus creencias, son fieles a su intuición. Son sencillos, honestos y leales a su corazón 🧡 . #yogarebel

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Heather Shields

Canute, Oklahoma

As my babies started to grow up, I realized that I needed something to fill my time and help me to feel useful and needed again ❤️. I had fallen in love with home progrs in my mid-30’s and really wanted to be able to help to educate and help other people find their own level of health and wellness.. I got certified to teach Core de Force 2 years ago. But if I’m being honest the only reason I went to the training was so that I could workout with Joel and Jericho. I never really intended to teach it. But then something magical happened. A local group fitness instructor saw my social media and invited to help me start teaching- while I was still in the workshop. I couldn’t believe it. Fast forward a year and I took another certification to teach PiYo live, again just sticking my in the water and not sure I would be able to teach it. But then magic happened again. I fell into a brilliant community of PiYo mentors and instructors and they have pushed me outside my comfort zone to grow!!! And now I building my own fit-tribe near my hometown, where I get to watch other women progress and grow through their own health and fitness journey. Becoming an instructor, and pursuing avenues of live fitness formats has really given me a positive outlet that I can share with other people and provide that se positive outlet for them. It has also bled into other areas of my life, including my role as a rehab professional and has enhanced my skills to teach my patients, helping them to be as functional as possible. I love my side-job as a live instructor, and formats are beautiful and easy for me to learn and duplicate. I may have started out of curiosity, but now I on a movement mission. We NEED more group fitness opportunities in this part of the world. Thank you to live and our fabulous that take the time to believe in us and help us grow! I forever in your debt! #yogarebel

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Half way through the week and this pup's living his best life... . PC: @ps.ny . #yogarebel

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