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We’ve made a home for bees on top of our Canberra buildings and recently offered our honey harvest for sale to the building communities. The harvest kicked off a 2 week program of workshops and bee education for #worldbeeday – a great way for customers to learn more about protecting our precious bee population.🐝 See LinkedIn for full video.


What are they doing in front of the hive entrance? 🤔 . Bees are capable of fanning their wings to cause a draught, or movement of air trough the hive, for cooling the hive the constant temperature in hive is about 36 degrees Celsius because of the larva or to evaporate moisture from nectar witch they collect trough the day. When they collect enough honey we can take it from them. The nectar - honey must have 22% or less water-moisture in it that we can collect it. The less water- moisture in honey the better it is.🍯🐝😁 . . Support homemade and local products. . Follow me and help to spread the bee news. . . . . . . . #worldbeeday 🇸🇮 #

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Første lavendel høst. Lavendel er en staude og kommer år efter år. Bi og 🦋 blomst og frøene kan du købe i webshoppen (også økologiske) #worldbeeday ( Instagram Profile Photo

Wusstet ihr eigentlich, dass auf der StadtFarm auch Honig produziert wird? 🐝🐝🐝 Imker Igor Mosyagin könnt ihr übrigens heute persönlich auf unserem Wochenmarkt auf der StadtFarm treffen. #worldbeeday

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