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// interstellar dive jazz // (@milk_bandits) Instagram Profile Photo

// interstellar dive jazz //

Rachael Schnurr (MI, USA) (@booksplantscats) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachael Schnurr (MI, USA)

Seneca Falls, New York

I stood on the shoulders of giants for REAL this afternoon. Can't believe you could just walk up and stand at the podium where the women's rights movement began. A humbling day. . . . . . . . #womensrights

Feminist And Proud (@proudfeministand) Instagram Profile Photo

Feminist And Proud

this is awful and devastating and continues to happen and it’s absolutely awful. racism still exists and is so prevalent in our world and it pisses! me! off! srights srights rights

Aaron the Conservative (@aaron_kyle1) Instagram Profile Photo

Aaron the Conservative

Road to Inspiration

Damn, how true is this! I would love to think that the number of rational, sane Americans outweighs the number of those who walk blindly through life; guided only by what the media tells them, specifically the liberal media... Don't we all dream that dream...? 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ 🧠 🍻 🇺🇲 🧢 🦅 🗽 🇺🇲 🙏🏻 I'm a common sense aficionado 🧐

Isabeau Miller (@isabeaumiller) Instagram Profile Photo

Isabeau Miller

Day 15 of Sound on. 🔊🔊 First off, this is what’s called a “worktape” in the writing world. It’s what a first draft sounds like, and that’s what this is; something I recorded quickly on my iPhone with my not-tuned piano so I could get it out into the world. Next: This felt like an important time to write this song. I believe women’s rights are human rights. I read a poem once (that I searched for tonight and couldn’t find) that talked about how (some) men are currently legislating and governing women as if we weren’t the ones to have bore and birthed them. As if they’ve completely forgotten that they’re MADE of us. Literally. That’s where this song came from. . “Born to Men” . They bleed us dry and act like they were born to men. You sacrifice. You try to teach them to teach them to be nice. Like they weren’t born to men. . Like they’re not made of who we are. Like they didn’t come from the skin and the scars that we wear. Are they scared? . Cause they’ve seen us inside out, they know about what we can do so we’re not allowed to know our own strength or get in the way of what they are not. Nobody who could ever give live would do things like this- they don’t know the price of the things that we’ve done and will do again, of the price that we pay to be mothers of children born to men. . I thought I’d get myself at least, that I’d belong to only me. But I was born to men. In ivory towers in the wings, they’re deciding everything cause we were born to men.

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