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The Pink Scientist (@thepinkscientist) Instagram Profile Photo

The Pink Scientist

My current work situation 👌🏼 . When the sun makes a rare trip out from behind the clouds it’s time to take the laptop outside! ☀️ . We’ll see how long I last before the screen glare gets too much and I retreat back into the shade 😂 . #womenscientists

Dr Anne Whitehouse (@feminine_power_alchemist) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Anne Whitehouse

Women have been conditioned for generations to keep other people comfortable. In particular we are programmed not to outshine men. This manifests as blocks and inner glass ceilings, as lack of confidence and self-sabotage. I’ve experienced this many times. Each time I’ve moved forwards those old limits try to drag me back. Here’s the thing - we need to step forward and allow our gifts shine and to benefit the world. If we allow the limiting conditioning of the past to hold us back in the present, everyone loses out and the world is poorer. We need to step out of our comfort zones of playing it small. We need to embrace the limelight and know that we have something unique to offer. Are you holding back? #womenscientists

Jason Smith (@beatboxio) Instagram Profile Photo

Jason Smith

This is number SEVEN in a series of ten portraits of famous (and not so famous) scientists I'm doing for my MFA in Illustration from Has Mfa Illustration. Rosalind Franklin. Check out her story! #womenscientists

Aves De Noronha (@avesdenoronha) Instagram Profile Photo

Aves De Noronha


Você já conhece nossa equipe?! Arrasta pro lado 👉🏼 pra vê os pesquisadores que compões nosso time! . . Pesquisadores de vários estados do Brasil com diferentes formações e habilidades, juntos com a missão de fazer você se apaixonar pela avifauna do arquipélago e produzir ciência para conservar da melhor maneira possível esse nosso rico tesouro! . . Quer saber um pouco mais?! Acesse: . . #womenscientists

Thomas Tosh (@thomastosh) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Tosh

Last week for the wonderful In Between Time exhibition from @charmfoundry Kate Mink. Exhibition finishes 2nd July Here’s a #womenscientists

Craig Wellington (@craig.wellington.82) Instagram Profile Photo

Craig Wellington


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