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LIFE UNLEASHED (@alexipanos) Instagram Profile Photo


CONSCIOUS BIZ+ALIGNMENT GUIDE✨ (@iamnataliebrite) Instagram Profile Photo


Tina- Entertaining & Decor (@to_mimishousewego) Instagram Profile Photo

Tina- Entertaining & Decor

For The Love Of Reselling (@fortheloveofreselling) Instagram Profile Photo

For The Love Of Reselling

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Business & Legal Strategist

😀😁😄 is also a place of humour. We operate in a safe and well-secured environment so you have nothing to fear. Miss Ayo as seen above had little/no knowledge in Hairdressing but can now mention several hairstyles she can make. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #womeninbusiness

T H E • P O D (@_thepod) Instagram Profile Photo

T H E • P O D

Carabita Beach

Do you get ‘shoe-xiety?’ (shoe 😉... yes I did just make that up) Symptoms of shoe-xiety include: 👠Shoe shopping causing stress and 👠 having no idea what shoes you want/ need/ are the best for your feet 👠 not knowing what shoe size you are 👠 always buying the “wrong shoe” 👠 not being able to find shoes that are comfortable 👠 in the end buying a shoe just because they are on “sale” 👠 think you may need more support in the shoe, or not enough or none at all or all of the above- or you have no actual clue 🤣😳 👠 feet hurt, no matter what shoe you get! If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should see a podiatrist 👣👟😉 We expertly assess your feet, give you the best evidenced based assessment, gait analysis and provide you with expertise on what footwear you should be wearing ☺️😇 Sound good? Yep 👍🏼 cure that shoe-xiety today 😁

Millennial Mentor Mama (@millennialmentormama) Instagram Profile Photo

Millennial Mentor Mama

When nothing goes right... When everything seems lost... When people you love betray you... When even your family don't seem to understand the importance of support and they turn their backs to you... When you are at the end of your forces... When you're about to give up. Place your hand on the left side of your chest... 🙏🏻 it's still beating... Be thankful and pray... Universe will send you the perfectly tailored solution for your situation in the right time... 💛 HELL NO! GRAB THAT BICH OF A PROBLEM FOR THE CROTCH AND BEAT THE COLD SHIT OUT OF IT YOURSELF! 🥊DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, THEN AND THERE. DO IT IMMEDIATELY, DON'T WAIT LAW OF ATTRACTION TO SCREW YOU FURTHER AND YOUR PROBLEM GROWS!! WITHOUT FEELINGS AND MUCH SENTIMENTALITY FOR YOURSELF! IT'S CALLED SELF PITY. IT WON'T SERVE YOU. AND YOU KNOW IT. FUCK MOTIVATIONAL SHIT JUST BITE THE BULLET AND BRAK THE GROUND FOR IT IS THE ONLY WAY FOR THE MOUNTAINS TO RISE. REMEMBER THAT. DO WHAT YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WERE YOUR PERFECT FATHER. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?!🥊 🥊YOU ARE SO FU&*+NG HARDER THAN YOU THINK. AND WHEN YOU FINISH IT, FINISH NEXT. IT'S A BITCH OF TIME WE'RE LIVING IN AND YOU HAVE TO BE A FREAKING WARRIOR. STOP APOLOGIZING AND STOP MAKING COMPROMISES - LAW JUST MIGHT WORK... IF IT WORK, IT WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM? IT WOULDN'T GET THAT FAR? CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG 🙏🏻💛💛💛 And don't forget that: an ice cream a day keeps the breakdown away. Two - keep even mother-in-law away.. maybe you don't have to remember that for now 🤣 Mama loves you, you gorgeous millennials! Be great, always🥊 Now, my kind of sprinkles 😀 thanks to the @ for photo 📸 #womeninbusiness Then you can think about &

GLOBAL HAIR VENDOR. (@perpetualhairextensions) Instagram Profile Photo


I can’t get over the lushness of these weaves , pictures are without filter now imagine what you’ll get physically .. .. Let’s video call so you can see 😂 who’s in ?? .. .. Bundles are weft with love and outmost attention to every little detail .. .. Every woman deserves to own a good weave , let’s help you look your best ✅✅ .. .. Bringing you quality for less 💯✔️✔️ .. .. #womeninbusiness

Top That! 🍫 VEGAN MEAL TOPPERS (@topthat_mealtoppers) Instagram Profile Photo


Taupo, New Zealand

🎉⚠NEW product alert!! . ☝🙌This deliciousness is called the Caramelised Maple, Chilli and Lime Meal Topper.🌱 . This has replaced the former Miso, Maple and Ginger Meal Topper - it is similar, but the main difference you'll notice it the addition of Caramelised Maple, Chilli and Lime Puffed Buckwheat Clusters!🙆 . 🙆They're crunchy, maple-caramelised, popcorn-like clusters (made of puffed buckwheat), with a tang of kaffir lime and a hint of chilli. 🌱 . They're pretty addictive, and I'm so excited to reveal this flavour to you!😍🎉 . ☝To purchase some, click the link in my bio to head to my Kickstarter campaign. This flavour is provided as a campaign reward, in both Snack Pack and Meal Topper form. . On that note, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has backed my Kickstarter so far!🙏💖 . . . . . . . . . . #womeninbusiness @kickstarter

Venus Business Women's Network (@venusnetworknz) Instagram Profile Photo

Venus Business Women's Network

We want to know why you started your business. What's your why? ✨ Tell us in the comments below.

Melissa Nicholson (@thevacoach) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa Nicholson

South Africa

Shoutout to all the woman who work out, cook, clean, pay bills, support, raise kids, run their own businesses and still make time to look glam. 💁‍♀️💗

Military Mums In Business (@militarymumsinbusiness) Instagram Profile Photo

Military Mums In Business


Hi, I'm Andrea and my youngest daughter Emma is next to me in the photo. . . I own a small printing business called @bsclothingvinyl We are based in Stafford but happy to post all around the world . . . We make personalised clothing and gifts, anything from T-shirts and hoodies to bags, lanyards, mugs, nametags, photo gifts....... the list goes in really ! . . Emma was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome at almost 3 years old and when she got her wheel chair last year we were so disheartened to not be able to source decals for it without having to buy in bulk or compromise on what we wanted ! Mr B went off on the hunt...... and came back with a vinyl cutter to make his own! . . We also wanted to be able to supply merchandise for the small charity that has been a life line to us since Emma's diagnosis, (We donate £1 from any CdLS logo items to the CdLS foundation UK & Ireland ) . . So that's how B's started, almost by accident really ! I love love love taking ideas from customers and making a personalised item for them. No order is too small or big ! . . Please take a look at @bsclothingvinyl and facebook page, we do have a website too but it is a work in progress. . . . .

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