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Jessica Romine (@jfromine) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Romine

Watching this woman scientist on Chernobyl deal with the patriarchy is bringing out some major rage #womanscientist


Hanga Roa

I found myself reluctant to leave Easter Island. It was on my bucket list to begin with, for the allure of its moai mysteries. Rapa Nui delivered on that, and revealed additional enigmas that I didn’t know about too. What scientist can resist puzzles that yield more puzzles? But my time was up. The high desert was waiting. #womanscientist



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Virginia Fitzgerald

Émilie du Châtelet ~ French philosopher, one of the great mathematicians of the 18th century, physicist, and author. Renown for her translation of and commentary on Isaac Newton's book Principia Mathematica. Lover & colleague of Voltaire. Sharing a passion for science, Voltaire and Du Châtelet collaborated of many theories and projects. A brilliant beauty & feminist. Campion for women learning & contributing to the worlds of science & mathematics. Voltaire, one of her lovers, declared in a letter to his friend King Frederick II of Prussia that du Châtelet was "a great man whose only fault was being a woman" 17 December 1706 – 10 September 1749 54/100 #womanscientist


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Ella Msiss

University of Surrey

As the masters programme is nearly finished, I have realised that not only will I get a postgraduate degree and membership in the British Psychological Society, but I will also have lifetime friendships which we've built during this otherwise challenging time. And this is such an achievement in itself! I am so happy I met them! @ivonnat94 @_heljay_ @daniellalouisejones ❤💗🧡💓💛💞💚💕💙💖💜❣ 🎓 📚 #womanscientist


Diving In with Jordan (@divinginwithjordan) Instagram Profile Photo

Diving In with Jordan


On this episode of Diving in with Jordan: Today leading up to I’m going to talk about Loggerhead eggs. The mommas can lay an average of 100-120 eggs in a clutch. But they can lay up to 150 to even 170 eggs. The mothers can lay 4-5 clutches in a season and if she’s a large lady she can lay 6-7 clutches. As the season goes on her clutch number decreases. They eggs look and feel (at least to me) like ping pong balls, they are about the same size as well. They are leathery and not hard like a chicken egg. The moms don’t carefully place their eggs in the egg chamber they just let them fall. If they were to be hard like a chicken egg they would crack when they fall on each other. After about 12 hours, the embryo attaches to the shell wall and if they were to move or fall the embryo could drown! Here on the Georgia coast we sacrifice one egg to science to test for the DNA of the mother. There could be multiple fathers in a nest so we don’t care about the yokes (that contains the males DNA). We only care about the mothers with is in the egg shell! We can tell how many nests she has on the beach if she’s a new turtle and if she has any relations with any other turtles that are nesting this season. • Tomorrow we will be talking about the babies!🐢 • Please comment any questions below! • Remember do not touch any thing biologically related to a turtle since they are a protected species. All of those pictures were taken under permit. • #womanscientist


We need a wave of change and a Material Revolution. Wherever you are in the world, you can be part of the solution: Avoid. Intercept. Redesign. This video was taken by the team on Saturday, July 14th at Playa Montesinos in the Dominican Republic, where Parley is currently on site working with the navy, the army, public workers and the municipal government. After three days of cleanups they have intercepted over 30 tons of plastic, but there is a lot more work to be done. Over 500 public workers have been mobilized for this cleanup operation. Repost: @corona @oceanplastic #womanscientist


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