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Accu-Tac Precision Bipods (@accutac) Instagram Profile Photo

Accu-Tac Precision Bipods

Repost @firearmsunlimitedri ใƒปใƒปใƒป Weโ€™ve added some new features to our @fn_america Scar 17s build! Including an @accutac bipod! And a @trijicon .308 Acog with 3.5x35 magnification! Not to mention the @geissele super scar trigger, and @kineticdevelopmentgroup stock and fore end! 4th of July sales have already kicked off! Stop in now until the 4th for the best prices of the year and of course a free pound of tannerite with every AR purchase! . . . . #wilsoncombat

Check out the latest additions to the Sunline family of fluorocarbon lines! โ˜‘๏ธPower2C FC : Designed Specifically for Power Fishing โ˜‘๏ธStealth FC : Designed Specifically for Vibrating jig Fishing โ˜‘๏ธNight FC : Designed Specifically for Night Fishing @sunline_america

Gavin Williamson (@gavin.williamson.17) Instagram Profile Photo

Gavin Williamson

Took my Wilson down and cleaned all the little parts! #wilsoncombat

Les Kismartoni (@lespepperoni) Instagram Profile Photo

Les Kismartoni

Take Aim Gun Range

A little โ€œghosting overlayโ€ for yโ€™all to check out: @style_kephens and I approached this stage differently on purpose: he took one target through the port while moving and I took 2. We were curious if the cadence while shooting posted would overcome the saving while shooting on the move. He finished .6-.7 seconds ahead of me, so, I think that his way was better... lesson learned. If youโ€™re not taking some video and trying to review it for strengths and weaknesses, consider doing it! #wilsoncombat @point_1_tactics @chris_kozell @greybeard_actual @xrifles @carrytrainer @langdontactical @practical_performance_org @modern_samurai_project

Les Kismartoni (@lespepperoni) Instagram Profile Photo

Les Kismartoni

Take Aim Gun Range

Nice stage from Monday night... I shot alright. Some pokey transitions to get going again, tho. It was nice to use that @cz_custom @mec_gar magazine expander: 22 rounds reloadable in a 140 length! #wilsoncombat

Nathan McCartt (@nathan_navaja) Instagram Profile Photo

Nathan McCartt

Carry loads and magazines for the new gat. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm running Federal Premium HST 147gr standard pressure, and Wilson Combat Elite Tactical Magazines. 9 & 10rd extensions. Ammo functions flawlessly, ran a box of 50 through the pistol with no issues. Magazines fit nicely, seat at the right depth, drop free, and slide locks to the rear after last round. Mags still fit in my short mag carrier, but I may get a larger one. We'll see how these retain. I normally don't say this, but these mags are actually quite pretty and very well thought out. I like the stonewash on the polished steel and my pistol certainly appreciates the integral feed ramp built into the mag along with support on the rounds. No nosediving feed issues. #wilsoncombat

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