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Alexandra Troop (@artistatroop) Instagram Profile Photoartistatroop

Alexandra Troop


It’s an exciting time of the year! It’s baby season! 🐦 The warmer temperatures call for plenty of wildlife activity around everywhere we look! I encountered this little fluff ball of cuteness, a Canada goose gosling, on one of my nature walks. I encourage you to please be very couscous out there for baby anything. The little ones can get themselves into trouble and be separated easily from Mommy. So being especially aware of your surroundings, try not to disturb and don’t intervene unless necessary and you are trained, during your visit in nature. Call help for them! ☺️ • • conservation

Jason LaMotte (@biglamotski) Instagram Profile Photobiglamotski

Jason LaMotte

Kenya ReportShareDownload11

What a privilege to reconnect with our amazing natural world here in Africa. Looking forward to 5 days of filming in this awe-inspiring environment... conservation

Grace Doleshel (@gracedoleshel) Instagram Profile Photogracedoleshel

Grace Doleshel


One of the things I value most about SeaWorld (and something I talk about frequently) is their commitment to animal welfare, rescue and rehabilitation. In 2019 alone, @seaworldorlando has rescued and rehabilitated 13 manatees, 27 sea turtles and 127 birds. Overall SeaWorld has rescued 35000+ animals. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the rescue facilities (and some recovering animals). As always, if you have questions, ask!