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Bandhipur Tiger Reserve

#wildanimals Thanks sai mama for a very long drive to show me elephants and tiger next to car door ........!

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Atta Duclos

Rio Quilpo Camping

Lagartija del Suquía ! El o la que fue al camping 3 piletas del Rio Quilpo seguro las pudo haber visto corriendo para todos lados a cada paso que uno da. Y si no fueron vayan q ese es el verdadero lugar. . . . . . . #wildanimals

Sunny Valley Preserve

Evening walk while waiting for laundry. Fields were recently mowed at the farm. So I hope momma finds her baby. #wildanimals

Loving weird signs. Found this one in st. Lucia. Didn't know that there is a place on earth where all three of them share a spot in the sunlight and where you can meet any of them since they stroll around as they please. No fences needed. YES, insomnia keeps me awake. #wildanimals

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