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crazy about crazy Romans

O_o #whydontyoutakeaseat

Remember ? I sure do! I rarely see @super_nintendad anymore though. I hope you're doing well my friend! is still around though. Still using those kids of his to gain a following(😉😂). I've been mulling over a new personal hashtag to post nostalgic stuff. I just don't know what to call it. Anyone who comes up with one will get a shout out and praise heaped upon them. Anyway, I rewatched the "Mighty Ducks" trilogy because someone(I think it was @retro__rick) got me thinking about them. Look, I hate sports. For many reasons. But I can digest it a bit in a nostalgic 90s kids/family movie format. That said, upon revisiting these, I find them to be mostly boring. There's some goofy, fun shenanigans here and there but I found myself tuning out often. I feel like the second one is probably the best one. The new characters are fun, and it flows a little better than the others. So yeah. 🤷🏻‍♂️ At least I'm a sucker for 90s presentation and production I guess haha. I respect the movies I'm just not head over heels with them. Also, did anyone else find Connie to be a back in the day? She's still cute. Not in a creepy way. She was an attractive young lady. I can feel Chris Hansen coming to get me so I'll shut up now. 🤣 ____________________________________________ #whydontyoutakeaseat

To Catch a Predator Part II: The Getaway See last post for part I. Accidentally posted to my irl Instagram page first and want to die. #whydontyoutakeaseat

Most Arma Groups: we're simming a search and rescue mission set in Afghanistan My Arma Group: okay so we're going to sim an episode of "to catch a predator" #whydontyoutakeaseat

IRS: why do you take a seat right there #whydontyoutakeaseat

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Zach Morrow

If wasn’t in jail I found a job for him. #whydontyoutakeaseat

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