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Timea Edelenyi | Real Estate (@for_the_love_of_homes) Instagram Profile Photo

Timea Edelenyi | Real Estate

Scale your furniture by the size of your interiors. Home staging works best when buyers feel like home they are viewing looks open and welcoming. Take a look at your home for sale, does your home feel small and cluttered with too much furniture? Take a walk through your home and see if you can see the baseboards throughout. If not, you may have too much or too large of furniture. Just because your home is small doesn’t mean it has to look small to buyers. There are many ways to add square feet visually. You can make your rooms look larger by repositioning or replacing furniture. Furniture can help you to de-emphasize your home’s weaknesses and highlight its strengths. Here are some furniture tips you can use to make the most of your small home. * Use furniture to define rooms. Extra rooms add to the value of your home and a furnished one allows buyers to picture themselves in the space. You can add a small table and chair to an unused room and transform it into an inviting reading spot. * Consider replacing oversized furniture. Have dated or unused furniture pieces? Consider getting rid of them, and replace with a lighter color and lighter weight pieces. Buyers only take in what they see and rarely envision what could be. If they see worn-out furniture in your rooms, they will conclude that your home is neglected and think that other areas are also neglected. Too much furniture can make a room look smaller than it actually is. Photo cred: greybirchdrsigns . . #whitedecor

My Baby World (@my_baby_world) Instagram Profile Photo

My Baby World @my_baby_world

Michelle Wood | SANCTUARY (@mysanctuarystyle) Instagram Profile Photo

Michelle Wood | SANCTUARY

Good Monday morning (is that actually a thing? 🤔)! ☀️ One of my fave things to do is scout the Internet searching for beautifully-designed home decor products that don’t break the bank. Today on the blog, I feature 23 gorgeous (and wallet friendly! 👍🏻) products from @Walmart. 🥰 Link is in profile. I’d love to hear what you think of my picks and let me know if you have any @Walmart.picks of your own! 😄 #whitedecor

My Baby World (@my_baby_world) Instagram Profile Photo

My Baby World

🔥Just In Boys summer set! Buy one get the second 40% off ! check the link:

Dekorasi, Shabby & Decoupage (@adelhgifts) Instagram Profile Photo

Dekorasi, Shabby & Decoupage

Mini Cart Display. Dengan bentuknya yg cute, rak berbentuk cart mini ini cocok digunakan utk perlengkapan . Bagian atas bisa digunakan utk cupcakes atau kue-kue kecil. Sedangkan bagian bawah bisa utk susu kotak atau susu botol. Dengan bentuknya yg sudah menarik, selain utk tempat , mini cart ini sekaligus bisa sebagai penghias atau dekorasi. Terbuat dari bahan MDF dengan finishing duco putih, mini cart display merupakan pilihan tepat utk anda. . Harga dan available stock bisa lihat di WEB kami Order melalui email/ line / WA pada hari dan jam kerja (check pada bio/profile kami). ❌Pleaseee NO DM.❌ Thank you. #whitedecor

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