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Renovatio Clinic

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Marianna Benatti Mayer

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Ealing Judo Club

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Lee Pycroft

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Beatrice Elettra Biagioli

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Caroline Cunningham

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Dr. Julissa Hernandez BCND ND

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The Clearing Room

June 25. Dialectical day. Dusk departure. Difficult direction. Daily delights. #wellbeing

Solas Órga Reflexology (@solasorgareflexology) Instagram Profile Photo

Solas Órga Reflexology

Stress can have a big impact on not just the brain, but the entire , impacting our organs resulting in them not working as they should! It keeps the in a constant state of fight or flight and not in the rest and digest state. Reflexology has been prove to reduce stress and reduce the impact of stress on our bodies! Pic from @powerofpositivity #wellbeing

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Ryoko Lopez

Sumida, Tokyo

Something sweet... is definitely important for us! So shall we be sweet!?! 甘さ… 幸せになるエッセンス… 直球ばかりでなく甘さを持ち合わせる女性でいたいな… #wellbeing #wellbeing

Anthony Chapman (@anthony.j.chapman) Instagram Profile Photo

Anthony Chapman

One rep max squatting 150kg, performing a one rep max is not something I’d recommend doing on a regular basis but it is a great way of determining progression from your training plan. A standard one rep max being a squat/bench/deadlift should be performed on a three month cycle based on the idea that the program designed has a purpose of strength. Otherwise a one rep max is pointless. . . #wellbeing

Mourne Matters (@mournematters) Instagram Profile Photo

Mourne Matters

Mourne Matters are looking forward to collaborating with Pat McGreevy and Mary Creaney from Suicide Down To Zero. #wellbeing Lottery

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crossfit caber


Pro Tip Lasting change takes time. When things go wrong, find something that is a positive and focus on that. Instead of I had a bad workout or think you should have done better?😡 Think I made it a priority to get a work our in 👍😁💪 Find something positive in adversity. It will make you a better person! #wellbeing

Liz Atkin (@liz_atkin) Instagram Profile Photo

Liz Atkin

London, United Kingdom

Look out for me creating my free drawings for you on discarded newspapers. I do this to refocus my and disorder. Each drawing takes about a minute and I give them away to fellow passengers in the carriage around me as and , encouraging people to share the free drawing or my postcard on social media, to raise awareness of Skin Picking. I’m proud to be an ambassador for @thebigdraw.this year... I have created my free drawings on the tube & Overground in London, the New York Subway System, California’s Amtrak, San Francisco trams, BART and MUNI, Singapore's public transport system, Cologne trams and far I have given away almost 17,000 and featured on @tedx_official @bbcnews @huffingtonpost @mashable, proud to be an ambassador for @thebigdraw. 1 in 25 are thought to live with Compulsive Skin Picking also known as Dermatillomania or Excoriation. It’s a complex physical and mental disorder which can vary greatly in severity, and is part of a group known as -focused repetitive behaviors (), self-grooming in which individuals pull, pick, scrape, or bite their own hair, skin, or nails, resulting in damage to the . Art is my tool for recovery. Drawing helps me rest on the page, to shift tension and refocus my hands. Join in and share the postcard or drawing if you see me today. #wellbeing

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