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image by Nazareth (@gleaming_thecube) with caption : "I’m a #warrior a born #leader an #adventurer I have a #vision that I will not stop at until I reach the 🔝I’m #blessed🙏 a" - 1763631398905871608
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I’m a a born an I have a #vision that I will not stop at until I reach the 🔝I’m 🙏 and I keep pushing. I can’t lose! What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger!

Tayy Tarantino (@tayytarantino) Instagram Profile Photo tayytarantino

Tayy Tarantino

image by Tayy Tarantino (@tayytarantino) with caption : "These relationships we building are priceless. 💯🤞🏾🔌 S/o the OG @gillie_da_king @hdepoptraxx @l7entserv @hbtheengineer @e" - 1763630805740176208
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These relationships we building are priceless. 💯🤞🏾🔌 S/o the OG @gillie_da_king @hdepoptraxx @l7entserv @hbtheengineer @eddiekayne and everyone who made the Beats N’ Bluntz showcase possible. We out Philly real soon!

image by Bill Johnston (@marketingwithbill) with caption : "Love this. Very accurate depiction of success!" - 1763630666689411257
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Love this. Very accurate depiction of success!

Puneet Jain Duggar (@puneetduggar) Instagram Profile Photo puneetduggar

Puneet Jain Duggar

image by Puneet Jain Duggar (@puneetduggar) with caption : "#art #vision #thoughts💭" - 1763630270194728353
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#vision 💭

Syafa'at Marcomm (@syafaatmarcomm) Instagram Profile Photo syafaatmarcomm

Syafa'at Marcomm

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BUILD THE GREAT TEAM Team is a group of people forming one side in a competition. In order to win the competition, people in the group have to following requirements. First and the most important, all of people in the team should be in the same of vision and goals. It conditions that all members to move to the same direction. Without it, the contradiction between members will be occur. While direction of team will disturb. Second, every members should know their own job desc. Overlap job may increase team inefficiencies. But it doesn’t eliminate the Third; empathy between members. Every member should know advantages and disadvantages of their partners. Without screwing up of clearly job desc, they should help each other. That condition will build the Great Team that bring big chance to win the competition. In Syafa’at Marcomm, we keep in touch every time on order to make that atmosphere. Let’s build your great team and win many competition. By @SyafaatMarcomm #Vision

Kavin Mistry Photography (@kavinmistryphotography) Instagram Profile Photo kavinmistryphotography

Kavin Mistry Photography

image by Kavin Mistry Photography (@kavinmistryphotography) with caption : "Incredible start to the season for @johnnycueto47 
0.35 ERA
0.65 WHIP
26 IP
4 BB
23 K

#DiaDeCueto #design #giants #" - 1763629692119618470
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