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Melvin Aguirre Silva

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Victorinox Venezuela

Para ti que eres elegante, coqueta y siempre estás en marcha, tenemos lo que necesitas y más. . . . #Victorinox


"The dead man, is the one without the knife.... "- Ancient Finish proverb. Even in this modern high tech world, the knife is still something thats value is beyond words when the chips are down. Whether cutting a seat belt of a rolled over car, to cutting a pedestriansneck scarf that has gotten caught in a up going elevator, to cutting some clothing line, for a quick rescue, of someone falling through a frozen pond, to opening can goods, after a power outage a humble pocket knife can be a life saver. Unless local law or workplace rules, prevent it in one form or another, like a court house or school, get in the habit of carrying a basic folding pocket knife, the Cadillac being a "Boy Scout" pattern knife with driver / bottle opener, knife blade, can opener, and awl. But a utility folder that takes utility knife blades, or a pen knife, is acceptable, as is a small, (under 3" fixed blade). Any of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but all could save your or somebody's else's life, in a direr emergency. #victorinox

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