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Kathy Gröbner (@kat__thy) Instagram Profile Photo

Kathy Gröbner

Different colors, different styles ❤️❤️❤️ 🌈 #variation

Tom Holland (@tomhfit) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom Holland

Mixing up up - Core work with different size & weight fluid-filled @reaxingofficial . # # # # # # # # #variation

abbasslife (@abbass_life) Instagram Profile Photo


Had a bad day at the office or a bad day in general? Well do not despair since yoga 🧘‍♂️ is one of the best remedies to channel that negative energy ❌to positive✅. Happy Mondays and namaste people 🙏🏽👊🏽. . . #variation

Sas Richards (@sasslebops) Instagram Profile Photo

Sas Richards

Snapshot of today’s training. Anyone who has had the absolute nightmare of training me in compound lifts @kelvredneck @simmondsashley @iddyhanmer76 knows that numbers me the out. I lose my at certain numbers, my form goes to and I fail repeatedly. So a new approach is rack pulls . . I started with a longer range 140kg for sets of 3. Then lifted the bar for 170x3, 180x2 and ended with 200 failed four lifted on the fifth. Getting used to the weight and lengthening the range might work, might not, but felt good and boosted my confidence with bigger numbers 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . Ended with an EMOM: 5 box jumps, 5 20kg KB swings, 5 burpees, 15 minutes . . #variation 🙏

Leonor Piñar - Swing Dance (@leonor.pinar) Instagram Profile Photo

Leonor Piñar - Swing Dance

Scissor ! A cool move that you can use in Solo Jazz or in Lindy Hop. 1. This step is basically made of two kick ball change. So start with refreshing this basic with both feet. 2. Start on 8 and make several kick ball change in a row. It can be tricky! The secret is to jump to the foot at the back and do the kick at the same time. 🎵 Sidney Bechet, "Coquette". #variation

Juno Caris (@juno.caris) Instagram Profile Photo

Juno Caris

It's time for banana bread again! Today I baked this variation with blueberries and pecans... mmm it's smells so good! What do you think? Should I start my own banana bread factory? #variation

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