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Ivan Labadie (@owlverlord) Instagram Profile Photo

Ivan Labadie

Raymond Garcia | Synth Zone 🎙 (@bigray826) Instagram Profile Photo

Raymond Garcia | Synth Zone 🎙

10 years ago today, we lost this legend but his music will live forever. I’ll never forget when I heard the news, and since my parents have engraved the 80’s onto me; the sting of his loss hit close in my household, my mom loved this music, my dad loved his dancing. Today, I still play these two songs regularly because it brings me nostalgia of a simpler time. Thank you for your art! RIP King! #Vaporwave

Allison Tanenhaus (@atanenhaus) Instagram Profile Photo

Allison Tanenhaus

I have come here to kick and chew bubblegum…and I’ve got tons of bubblegum so pop a squat and let’s blow some sweet bubbles bro.

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