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崔 守 我 (@sua__xx) Instagram Profile Photo

崔 守 我

satriaantoni (@cardboardslayer) Instagram Profile Photo


Practicing IPSC with Airsoft is far more cheap and easier than using real steel, but still feel different tho #uspsa

Reshoots are an interesting things. When I first started shooting, I’d be thrilled if the reshoot itself was faster than the original run. Over time, I started to just realize that it meant that I was capable of more, but I couldn’t do it consistently, I couldn’t do it on demand and I sure as hell couldnt do it cold. Now, I get a little upset if the second run isn’t within .1 hf of the first one. In this case I dropped .3 hf on the reshoot. Got stuck a little between the walls and wasn’t as focused so dropped more points. The difference was .18 slower and 4 more Charlie’s. I was pissed taking them from myself #uspsa

Germaine Adams - Shooter 🇺🇸🇵🇭 (@germ_adams_shooter) Instagram Profile Photo

Germaine Adams - Shooter 🇺🇸🇵🇭

Couple of videos from yesterday's HPPS match. Tried to be more aggressive... still working the overall package. And except for a hiccup on the first shot of the day, my gun great the rest of the time! Many thanks to their BoD for putting on a fun match and ensuring we'd beat the forecasted monsoon rains that day! . . @RockIslandArmory @LSHolster @seal1_ @KGTechwear @RMTLadies #USPSA

Fabio Urbini (@fabio_urbini) Instagram Profile Photo

Fabio Urbini

Cts Poligoni Di Tiro

Another stage from the third Italian championship match, IPSC PRODUCTION. 32 rounds 30A, 1C and 1D. The Charlie was on the swinger and the delta on the other target I did on the move. 26.47 seconds. Hit factor 5.82 Totally doable in 22.5 or less if I didn't trick myself, but that's part of the game I wasted a lot of time trying to hit the pepper on the move, and some for the other target on the move, which I could do in the same string of the swinger. Nice stage. Diligentia Vis Celeritas #uspsa

Official Canik Fanatik (@canikfanatiks) Instagram Profile Photo

Official Canik Fanatik

@mnsotaarms 5,000 rounds down and this @canikusa TP9SFX is still running strong in @theuspsa Carry Optics Division. Optics cut and plate have held zero the entire time with the @leupoldoptics DeltaPoint Pro. The @taylorfreelance extensions look great and function perfectly! The entire package is completed with a @freedomsmithusa matching trigger and @talongrips. #uspsa

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