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When I turn around all I see is Vision is clear. May Jah bless my new age and may 🌍💗🇬🇭🇯🇲🇱🇷🇬🇼🇬🇳🇱🇰🇹🇬 be prosperous than ever. God, Family, Friends, and Enemies keep the same 💯 great vibes ❤️ DM ME UR SIZES and COLORS. 🔥🔥🔥 it’s all about support and motivation @publicperception I do appreciate your craft. BE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS AND BLESSINGS. I appreciate you guys @reggaezoneworld @publicperception 🔥 🔥 REAL HUSTLERS☀️ IF YOU WANT GOOD MUSIC AND POSITIVE VIBES 🎵💯 BE PART OF THE FOUNDATION OR THE MOVEMENT. 🇹🇬 ✌ #unity DON'T FORGET TO LISTEN TO @agyen.m OFFICIAL SHOT AND EDITED BY @snipashotfilms OUT NOW 📲💻 ON 🔖LINK IN MY BIO  AUDIO IS NOW ON globalcitizen CREATIVE MINDS LIKE @snipashotfilms @cipherbillgfx @choirmastergh_ @screechsupa @reggaezoneworld is more important in any you make every second. great vibes ❤️ DM ME UR SIZES and COLORS

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sheila bikinis

The simplicity of the monochrome lets you really appreciate the intricacies of this stunning artwork by @Kat en_lee_artist. Exploring our next @sheilabikinis release. • • • • • #unity

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During a recent road trip with our 10 and 12 year olds, we passed a HUGE confederate flag, and cringed, and talked a lot. We decided if we ever won the lottery we’d buy some strategic land along highways to hang GIGANTIC flags that preach love, kindness, equity, anti-racism, inclusion, etc etc. But now I’m realizing, what does that flag look like? The movement needs a !? — — #unity

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sTeal Strong


The Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR) is conducting a PEEK study in ovarian cancer. PEEK stands for Patient Experience, Expectations and Knowledge and is a program that acknowledges patients as experts. Through the PEEK study, participants have the chance to talk through everything they have experienced and also, what their recommendations are for future treatment, care, information and support. PEEK reports are always made publicly available and delivered to decision-makers across the sector so that they can better understand the needs of patients and their families, and respond to this through their own work. CCDR conduct PEEK studies across a range of diseases and conditions. This is what some participants have had to say about the experience: "This is the first time anyone has truly taken the time to actually inform me, ask me and consider me since diagnosis - thank you!" "Thank you for the opportunity to answer so many relevant questions. The questionnaire has raised quite a few questions in my mind, very helpful and constructive, some of which I plan to discuss with my GP and specialist. As a result...I feel better informed." In this PEEK study there will also be opportunities for clinicians to talk about their experience treating and caring for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer to get their perspectives as well. At the end of the project, we will work with CCDR to hold two community forums to share the results of the study and we will also use this as a chance for women to teach decision-makers about ovarian cancer and what is important to the community. If you would like to register for the study or learn more about it, email or go to . . #unity

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