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House of Food - Aronia ( Instagram Profile Photo

House of Food - Aronia

Mohamed Sadi (@globalsadi) Instagram Profile Photo

Mohamed Sadi

Global Week No Plastic day celebration Hilton Hotels & Resorts & Dhigurah community together with Secretariat of the Dhigurah Council, Guest Houses, Diving Schools, and government sectors 🇲🇻🌴🤝👌 #undp

Randy McLaren (@randymclarenrm) Instagram Profile Photo

Randy McLaren

Portland Parish

It was a pleasure taking on this mission with the Climate Change Division in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation as we gathered in Montego Bay and again in Portland to engage our young people who are key stakeholders in the fight to protect our environment. @eshasensei @jay_britz big up unnuhself!!! #UNDP

Open House (@openhousesl) Instagram Profile Photo

Open House

UNDP Sri Lanka is looking for passionate youth volunteers to join UNDP as a 'Youth Lead'! . As UNDP Youth Leads, young people have the opportunity to engage in UNDP’s work, be provided with a holistic experience & support programme initiatives contributing to sustainable development in Sri Lanka. UNDP, in line with its commitment to , , and “leaving no one behind”, will give special consideration to young talents with to become Youth Leads. . For more information on the assignment and how to apply, please visit: . #undp

Sdg Camps Tunisia (@sdgcampstunisia) Instagram Profile Photo

Sdg Camps Tunisia

Bizerte, Tunisia

• Our children are fully energetic and ready for a new day! Keep it up ☺️👏 📸 by our partner @scientistkids #UNDP

Dzygraphs📊 (@dzygraphs) Instagram Profile Photo


Hallo everyone, you certainly alr familiar with the term of gender equality right? These are the advantages of Gender Equality for the state and environment: 👇🏻 1. Increasing Economic Growth In the labor market, of course not only the role of men is needed. But women contributions are also basically very important, because women and men are a form of Human Resources whose their role could become an asset to be made into a labor market, so that when all the people, both men and women have fully contributed, it will increase the productivity and the effectiveness, especially to the works that requires the role of women in it. As we can see the differences of GDP index between Indonesia and Vietnam, also the rank of Gender Inequality index between them. Where Vietnam has the highest position compared to Indonesia, and it lead to a better GDP for Vietnam in 2017. [The point; The state which has a better record at promoting Gender Equality, will have a better economic opportunity] 🔎 2. Maintain Social and Political Stability Besides economic, the role of women is also very significant in the political environment. That way, it is not only men opinions or decisions that are used. But policymakers can also reflect on the perspective of women in decision making. So that it will create a goal harmony because it is done based on mutual interests and needs. 3. Minimizing Crime in the Community Environment With the community sensitivity to the importance of justice and balance of gender in the community, it can create a peaceful environment. Because when the surrounding environment is no longer being discriminatory and labeling certain gender, it will create harmony in society, especially between men and women. This is based on the awareness of the importance of mutual cooperation and mutual respect for one another.

Moderatorin Katie Gallus (@katie_gallus) Instagram Profile Photo

Moderatorin Katie Gallus

Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Heute hatte ich Achim Steiner, Untergeneralsekretär der Vereinten Nationen und Leiter des UN-Entwicklungsprogramms @undp im Interview. Anlass sind die neuen @acceleratorlabs, die Innovationen für Entwicklung bündeln und miteinander vernetzen. Wie baut man Vertrauen mit lokalen, innovativen Akteuren auf- und vor allem: ist man sich der Verantwortung bewusst, dass nachhaltige Strukturen mit dem Bewusstsein der Communities statt aufgesetzten Ideen gefragt sind? Es gab spannende Einblicke, wie UNDP arbeitet und sich vernetzt - und auch in Krisenregionen wie Irak und Libyen für innovative Ideen für Entwicklung recherchiert und gemeinsam mit “locals” sucht. Gina Lucarelli ist Teamleiterin der 60 Accelerator Labs und berichtete, wie bei ihr im UNDP Headquarter in New York City alle Fäden zusammen laufen und dabei agiles und transparentes Arbeiten nicht ausgeschlossen wird. Tolle Runde! #undp

SDGs Talent Reality Show (@sdgrealityshow) Instagram Profile Photo

SDGs Talent Reality Show

35 Million people suffer from drug use disorders _ Say no to drugs Embrace your talents. _ #UNDP

AIESEC in Carleton (@aiesec_carleton) Instagram Profile Photo

AIESEC in Carleton

Solo, Indonesien

Today on our AIESEC TV, meet Morris, our fellow friend from UCLA. Morris took the leadership development opportunity to Indonesia this summer. He is participating in projects that help local businesses grow through problem solving and creative thinking. Swift left to learn about his experience! #undp

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