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Marine Conservation Society 🇸🇨 (@mcss_seychelles) Instagram Profile Photo

Marine Conservation Society 🇸🇨

Just when we thought we had come to the end of turtle nesting season...a surprise nest hatches on one of our main nesting beaches! Fortunately, Michael Thomas of @seydiscoverytour and his clients were there to sharply observe and report the event to us - and to fend off the neighboring dogs to ensure the hatchlings made it safely to the sea! Our team followed up on the sighting shortly afterwards and conducted a nest excavation. Around 240 hatched shells were counted, but some darker yellow egg shells were also found in the same area, suggesting that there was an older nest at the same location. This would also explain the rather large egg clutch that was discovered. One little hatchling was found alone in the egg chamber. Our (very excited) interns helped this little one find its way towards the ocean. Special thanks to Michael and his clients for being so observant and for contacting us after this chance encounter!

Alligator Head Foundation (@alligatorheadfoundation) Instagram Profile Photo

Alligator Head Foundation

Happy Turtle News 🐢🇯🇲 Another 100 Hawksbill hatchlings released yesterday 😊🌎 #Turtlehatchling Photo Credit: @damion.mcintosh


This is where I'd rather be right now. Alone on a beach at sunset, cheering on (accidentally found) tiny baby green turtles as they make their way to the big ol' blue 🐢🌊 PSA: when I found these sweet babies, I definitely cried because of their cuteness . . . #turtlehatchling

Myleen Orellana Fernandez (@myleen37) Instagram Profile Photo

Myleen Orellana Fernandez

Because everyone should see this adorable little thing!!! 💚🐢💚 hatchling . @ocean_magazine with @get_repost ・・・ Turtle hatchling! 🐢 💎 🎥|| @jacintashackleton

Aquaduck Gold Coast (@aquaduck_gold_coast) Instagram Profile Photo

Aquaduck Gold Coast

Happy Monday... Just a little video of a little dude to make you smile 😊🐢💦 Hatchling Via (@earthvacations) By @jacintashackleton

🦁 NEPAS - UFRGS (@nepas.ufrgs) Instagram Profile Photo

🦁 NEPAS - UFRGS with @make_repost ・・・ Esse filhotinho conseguiu chegar seguro até a água e devagar pegou o jeito de como nadar! 🐢🌊 A temporada de filhotes infelizmente terminou por enquanto, mas esperamos ver as fêmeas novamente em Novembro. 😍 . @jacintashackleton Turtle hatchling! 😍🐢 This little one made it safely to the water then slowly got the hang of how to swim! Hatchling season is sadly finished for now but we expect to see females nesting again in November ⏰. . . hatchling

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