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Posted @withrepost@pop_goes_the_glock The famed SCAR 17S or SCAR Heavy in the military is the ultimate 308 battle rifle. They are thin and fairly light but recoil is no more than the heavier AR10 models. And despite a pencil thin barrel accuracy past 1000 yards is unbeatable for a semi-auto. There are a few flies in the ointment but they are so minor I feel like a whiner just bringing them up. The propriety magazines are expensive, heavy, and somewhat hard to find. The alternative OEM barrels are prohibitively expensive, and the charging handle is reciprocating and has been know to whack thumbs. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about. The guns are accurate, reliable, good looking, and hold their value very well. All in all, it’s one of my favorite rifles I own. @scar.gram @fn_america @fnh_usa #trijicon @steineropticsusa @silencerco @kineticdevelopmentgroup

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Tactical Solutions

We’re excited about the SRO landing! Keep your eyes out. The new Trijicon SRO fits most popular red-dot-ready pistols. Plus, it offers the exact same footprint as the RMR and a top loading battery.

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Jesse Fenley

Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club

SHADOW SYSTEMS SS9C @cyanidedesign Rook comp . The shot cadence on this stage was crucial. Keeping the same cadence even though targets were different distances apart really made my time on this stage . . . .HF:5.7 . #trijicon

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Joel Heldt

Iron sights are for peasants 😆 Comparing some Austrian girls to a Czech lady. #trijicon

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Gun Cop

@cmctriggers 🔥☀️ . . @republicrifle MC M81 cerakote 🌲 @boogeyman_customs Voodoo slide @cmctriggers trigger and barrel @polymer.squared stipple @trijicon RMR

Nathan Van Rhee (@nathanv93) Instagram Profile Photo

Nathan Van Rhee

Not to bad for not having shot a Monday match in a little while. This is one of my faster stages 🤙🏻 Shooting a Glock 17 with a @trijicon RMR, @loki_tactical optic cut/stippling and some @downrangeammunition_ ammo! #trijicon

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Bryce Adams

The only “Gucci” Glock I own. . . Nonetheless I still find myself carrying a stock 19 with some @trijicon night sights more often🤷🏼‍♀️ . . Sometimes simplicity is more attractive . . #trijicon

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