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Barcelona, Spain

Hello-hiii!! I promised you to show a short vid of creating these cute triangles. xoxo Sona . . . Products used: Acrylic resin named ''Diplast blanco'' from @sagristaproducts Acrylic paint: ''Americana'' Desert turquoise. Molds by with silicones of @sagristaproducts . . . . #tricorn

𝕊𝕆𝔽𝕀𝔸 𝔾𝕆𝕆𝔻 (@dussinkocken) Instagram Profile Photo


Improviserade ihop en liten midsommarsnitt 🌻💃🏽 tunt skivad rå rödbeta, inlagd ( ungefär en i timme) i en 123- lag med mycket chili, kräm på Oatly På mackan, citronzest och dill, serverat på en bit Finn crisp. #tricorn

Ryan  Moller (@ryantriesiton) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryan Moller

Maine State Music Theatre

Back on the high seas we go! Treasure Island Hat of the Day: Squire Trelawney at the dock. It may be only a prop hat, but i still going to wear it! He lives (probably because of the hat). #tricorn

Christian Mannix Delaney (@sigmundfries) Instagram Profile Photo

Christian Mannix Delaney

Another five Virginians done. I'm also using a makeshift shadow box using black construction paper. Any feedback is appreciated!

Another Aidan Fangirl❤ ( Instagram Profile Photo

Another Aidan Fangirl❤

Happy birthday to the beautiful man himself, hope he has an amazing day, and he's looking absolutely gorgeous in this photo from poldark we all love you Aidan 💗💗!! ○ #tricorn

What’s this then?? Little sneak... the website is LIVE and there’s absolutely loads more prints to go on it so watch this space. Link in bio ✌🏼 #tricorn

Garret - Tricorn Games (@tricorngames) Instagram Profile Photo

Garret - Tricorn Games

Another day, another playtest. The runner escaped in 8 rounds this time - almost had them! But I forgot to trigger one arrow trap and a couple lucky turns kept them away from a big chunk of the map. It was close though! And stressful when they pull off a good run, but really hopeful when they take a bad turn. I think this one is turning out pretty good. . . . . . . . . #tricorn

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