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Miana Bereanu (@mianabereanu) Instagram Profile Photo

Miana Bereanu

Путешествия • Копирайт • Фото (@karinainua) Instagram Profile Photo

Путешествия • Копирайт • Фото

👩‍👧‍👧Главная ИНСТАМАМА Брянска (@e_kryazhkova) Instagram Profile Photo

👩‍👧‍👧Главная ИНСТАМАМА Брянска

🇺🇦EDUARD GRECHENKO🇺🇦 ODESSA⚓️ (@ennndi7) Instagram Profile Photo


International Student ID - DE (@isicgermany) Instagram Profile Photo

International Student ID - DE

Ксения ♥️ Нижний Новгород (@my_dreams_always_come_true) Instagram Profile Photo

Ксения ♥️ Нижний Новгород

Алёна Коновалова (@alenamalena3) Instagram Profile Photo

Алёна Коновалова

ShahiN Ahadov 😊👍 (@shahinko) Instagram Profile Photo

ShahiN Ahadov 😊👍

L҉e҉l҉e҉c҉h҉k҉a҉n҉y҉🌸 (@lelechkany) Instagram Profile Photo


For The Love Of Travel (@ftlotravel) Instagram Profile Photo

For The Love Of Travel


Walking straight into summer without looking back like.... 🌞 _____ For the Love of Travel is a group trip company for young professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We design and run laid-back group trips that connect you to new people but still have the adventure and cultural enrichment of solo travel. Join one of our 2019 trips! . . . blog

Daniele Fabre (@paisagensdadani) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniele Fabre

Chapada dos Veadeiros

Hoje fizemos Barbarinha, Santa Bárbara (a da foto) e Candaru (que mostrei lá nos stories). As trilhas não são muito longas, o que deixa o dia cansativo são as horas de estrada de chão, mas acreditem: vale a pena CADA BATIDA DE CABEÇA NO CARRO. Que lugar incrível, que energia maravilhosa. Aqui está corrido e cansativo demais, mas prometo repassar todas as dicas e falar de forma mais detalhada de cada atrativo assim que possível! . .

Globe Traversers (@globetraversers) Instagram Profile Photo

Globe Traversers

Hotel Villa Honegg

The views from this pool is insane at night. Definitely on my bucket list! Is it on yours ?

Michael Pahl (@mfp2040) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Pahl

Tybee Island Beach Pier and Pavilion

I've had such a busy week that I haven't had time to get to my next NYC edit... In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure I'll offer up a sunrise shot I got last year when in I was Savannah, Georgia. But I can't tell you why - some things are best not discussed. . This is the pier at Tybee Island beach. I was getting anxious and nervous because the sun was coming up and people had the nerve to walk up and down this pier in front of me! They could clearly see me sitting here with my camera trying to get a shot, but no - they had to walk in and out of my picture! People are so selfish, aren't they? . Anyway, I'm panicking because if the sun gets just a little higher, the glorious darkness and richness of the colors would be gone and it would become just another pier shot. And then on cue, the people just simply disappeared like that, and... snap! . And about 16 seconds later, more people walked back onto the pier. I tell you, I really blunder into some good luck with my photography! 🤪 . . . #travelblog #travelblog

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