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Nicey Nice


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Pretty-much Val 💬

Father and I #transformationchurch


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Logan Tsotsoros

⚠️⚠️⚠️GIVEAWAY!!!⚠️⚠️⚠️ Who wants to go to @transformationconference in September!?? The contest winner will receive one (1) ticket to Transformation Church conference in Tulsa, OK September 10-12, 2019 HOW TO ENTER: Like, and Comment on this post! People from Instagram and Facebook will be eligible to win this contest. Winner will be selected at Random on June 23rd at 9:00pm! If you win, you will be notified via comment on this post via Instagram and Facebook!!! #transformationchurch @wearetransformation @transformationconference @iammiketodd


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JxySing 🇹🇹


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Transformation Church

Happy Father's Day to all of you dads! We appreciate you! - #TransformationChurch


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Tabetha McNeal

I’ve been loving the series on being MARKED by @wearetransformation . For a long time I never thought I was enough from my family, friends, career. “Why would start a podcast, purse comedy and improv and write short films” Go play basketball or be a nurse was the normal for me. I was use to people walking over me, until I eventually stop talking, express my feelings etc. Learning that I’m enough has been a journey. But I’ll get there.. Doing things like @cptpresents was weird for me, I never co-produced a show. But I had the faith to know this was going to be great. I was ENOUGH for the moment without going to college to study, without reading books, just knowing we would figure everything out. I’m enough I’m enough I’m enough.. Being enough isn’t about how people see my worth but how I see my own. Working on being a better person is HARD..but I’m trying. AGAIN.. I’m enough..I’m enough.. I would contour my character to make other people happy, I would be the funny but silent so there wouldn’t be any issues because I felt a certain way. Not..anymore. God has called me to doing something even the preparation doesn’t look like that platform. I AM ENOUGH. #transformationchurch


🙌🏻 J O Y // Let’s talk about something: When we think about blessings, do we think about what we have or what we can do? The difference in the two changes everything. What if we chose to make other people’s JOY a priority. What if we chose to BE a blessing. God has called each of us to be a walking blessing, and when we start believing that, and living that way, everything changes. What if people felt joy just by being around you? What if people felt loved just by talking to you? That’s the kind of joy and peace we have to share as believers in Christ. YOU are a BLESSING; believe it. ❤️ @iammiketodd #transformationchurch


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More FAITH Less Fear

London, United Kingdom

God has specifically chosen you... Being somewhat shy we always used to say we don't have any talents/gifts but this is incorrect as God didn't create anyone to be useless. When people said this to us we would just be like “yeah yeah” still sure of the fact that there is definitely nothing were good at. My sister and I decided to start this page because we started to realise the importance of serving God, as God has given us each a gift that we need to use. As strange as it may sound you don't know that you using your gift and just being you, can lead someone to have a relationship with God so it's important you don't bury your gift. We can't let our fears or insecurities stop us from doing God’s work. We decided to start somewhere by sharing God’s word to encourage others. Sometimes just hearing a message from someone else who has gone through a similar situation and got through it is all you need to keep going, give you hope and motivate you. If our small small messages helps one person then that's at least something. We appreciate the messages and any comments we receive and to all those who share with others. So this is a reminder to all, if you can sing, play an instrument whatever it is as long as your available then allow God to use you. Don't worry about what others think, remember as Christians we are set apart were not here just to live, we are here to tell the world how amazing God is and glorify God’s name. God makes no mistakes there's something we can all do. Just start somewhere and God will reveal it to you, have faith and start. Don't be selfish with what God has given to you use it, someone may need it. Lastly, we recommend the sermon by transformation church - Ducks in a row(pt.1) it illustrates the parable of the ten talents and the main point is when you use what God has given you according to your ability, however small he will increase it! Your gift is not too small for God or unimportant. Nicole & Natalie 💗 #transformationchurch


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Transformation Church

We can’t wait to worship with you this morning! It’s going to be a beautiful day! ☀️ • • 9 am | 10:30 am • • AMC theater on Bayou! See you here! 🥳


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