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love live fanpage! *:・✧ (@eli.ayasee) Instagram Profile Photo eli.ayasee

love live fanpage! *:・✧


Kawaii Bread 🍞 (@honoka.pai) Instagram Profile Photo honoka.pai

Kawaii Bread 🍞


N33∴nan.jolks || mmsr (@crysjolno) Instagram Profile Photo crysjolno

N33∴nan.jolks || mmsr


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Soramaru Rippi and Kizuna Ai 💛💛💛 ... Finally finished the exam and a week's holiday was started !But I've to rush my 4 subject's project 😩 #tokuisora

ラブライブ! (@muse.lovelive) Instagram Profile Photo muse.lovelive


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Here are the covers for each of the member’s for the Memorial Box~ ❤️ These photos aren’t the best quality but it was on the wikia. _____ I’ve decided to just let my account be so that I can revisit it and see what’s going on. For those that care, I hope you guys understand me for technically leaving this account. I remember going into the 9th grade being obsessed with this series, and I was a total fangirl. 😂 It brought my attention to how the seiyuus are what makes the whole entire franchise great, and how they are all such amazing and talented people. ❤️ I’ve managed to develop relationships because of this series, and meet tons of amazing people. I’m so grateful for the years I’ve spent owning this account, and supporting the series. I will never regret it. I wish the best of luck for all of the new groups including Aqours, and the seiyuus for the Perfect Dream Project. I know that they will succeed if they put their heart into it. 💕 I give my thanks to μ's especially, for giving me that light in my life because of their music and strong friendship with each other. _____ #tokuisora