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Surfin' Through Second-Corinna (@surfinthroughsecond) Instagram Profile Photo

Surfin' Through Second-Corinna

The last time I slept a full 8 hours was last summer 😂😂 I back to restful full nights of sleep😴 💕 -No major traveling this summer just reading, working out, hiking, cping and paddle boarding. How are you recuperating this summer? #tiredteacher

Анна Скрипко (@annushkaskripko) Instagram Profile Photo

Анна Скрипко

Примерно так я сегодня выглядела на последнем занятии 😁 #tiredteacher#

Music Class With Ms.C (@musicwithmsc) Instagram Profile Photo

Music Class With Ms.C

Bushwick, Brooklyn

That’s a wrap on Year 13! This was one of the best years of my career. I thankful for my colleagues, my students, and my filies. They welcomed me to this new position with support and joy. It’s been a great honor to serve this community. I looking forward to returning next year. #tiredteacher

Rebeca Johnson, M.Ed. (@journeywithmsj) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebeca Johnson, M.Ed.

Winding down summer school with a little LEGO fun! #tiredteacher

Museum of Science, Boston

This teacher runs on @starbucks ☕️ Field trip days are exhausting.


Is it Friday yet? 😴 . . . . #tiredteacher

Today marks 7 days of working out on the road. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do all of these workouts that I had downloaded. I was afraid that life might get in the way, but I was wrong. I set a goal for myself and decided that I may need to make some sacrifices, like waking up early, but I so glad that I did. The best part of my online community is knowing that all the women on my te are working out in their homes and cheering me on. Let me know if you want to try a sple workout in your home.

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