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Chris Zoller | Realtor®️ (@historictampahomes) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Zoller | Realtor®️

Yelp Iowa City (@yelpiowacity) Instagram Profile Photo

Yelp Iowa City

Boho Jewelry, Fashion & Gifts (@wanderwhimco) Instagram Profile Photo

Boho Jewelry, Fashion & Gifts

Robey Martin (@callmerobey) Instagram Profile Photo

Robey Martin

EMA|Makeup Artistry+Aesthetics (@erinmarieartistry) Instagram Profile Photo

EMA|Makeup Artistry+Aesthetics

joshua cruz (@joshua.cruz.89) Instagram Profile Photo

joshua cruz

Ezequiel Xavier Olivares (@eezyxavier_) Instagram Profile Photo

Ezequiel Xavier Olivares

Derek Gumin (@dereklasvegas) Instagram Profile Photo

Derek Gumin

Michael Carter (@homeauthentic_) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Carter

Aaron M. Thompson (@aaron50aaron) Instagram Profile Photo

Aaron M. Thompson

𝕤𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕣𝕒 (@sanjacquemin) Instagram Profile Photo


Matthew Ponte (@matt__ponte) Instagram Profile Photo

Matthew Ponte

I Love You Coffee Shop (@iloveyoucoffeeshop) Instagram Profile Photo

I Love You Coffee Shop

Two Roosters 🍦 Ice Cream (@tworoosters) Instagram Profile Photo

Two Roosters 🍦 Ice Cream

Katrina Pilkington (@fittykat_) Instagram Profile Photo

Katrina Pilkington

Proud Dweller (@prouddweller) Instagram Profile Photo

Proud Dweller

The Tea Company. (@teasbyg) Instagram Profile Photo

The Tea Company.

There is an accumulation of evidence that proves is an effective agent. ⠀ Just in case you need to hear it from a scientist.... please read the PEER REVIEWED article attached.⠀ ⠀ But we knew this. #themoreyouknow community

"Taken together – senders and their families back home – 1 billion people are directly involved with remittances: one out of seven people in the world." (study made by @ifadnews, Sending Money Home: Contributing to the SDGs, one family at a time)⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #themoreyouknow

✌🏿... #themoreyouknow

Catherine Sidman (@sidco_cat) Instagram Profile Photo

Catherine Sidman

#themoreyouknow 🤔🌱 Reposted from @geofflawtononline - Earthworms are not compost worms. Earthworms live in the soil whereas compost worms live in decomposing organic matter. If you have a large population of earthworms then you must have a large population of beneficial soil bacteria as this is their main diet. You would also have aerated and naturally fertile soil. -

Royleen Wensvoort (@rwensvoort) Instagram Profile Photo

Royleen Wensvoort

Terrace, British Columbia

Fun Fact: The @newwaveswimbuoy is buoyant enough to hold a full bottle of Sangria during your swim! 🤷🏼‍♀️ #themoreyouknow

•fitness •motivation •lifting (@stepstoahealthieryou) Instagram Profile Photo

•fitness •motivation •lifting

Guest post! BAD WORKOUT PROGRAM VS. GREAT WORKOUT PROGRAM by @kruckifitness - When it comes to building muscle, you want to optimize your routine as best you can to see the best results in the quickest amount of time. This is why the typical "Bro-Split", in which you train everything at most once a week, isn't the best approach because you don't get the chance to use a ton of frequency for each part. - For a more optimal program, look at the one on the right. This is a great program. You get to train each muscle twice a week, leading to more volume, leading to more gains over time. Also, your parts will recover better since there's actually less work for each part per workout. For example, if you only have one chest day a week, most people are probably obliterating their chest in that workout, making it hard to recover from. But if you train chest twice a week, you can potentially do less work each workout, but still get the same (if not more) sets per week, and you'll recover better. - Tag someone who should use this split! -

Walk the Talk America (@walkthetalkus) Instagram Profile Photo

Walk the Talk America

Walk the Talk America

Another submission to the “Shared Stories” section of the website. These help educate and spark the discussions that lead to change. We have already had two stories that have had a direct effect on some of the advocacy groups we work with....Please let yourself be heard. . To submit your story, please visit: . . #themoreyouknow

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