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La Copine 🍀 Blog Terroir (@mimi.lacopine) Instagram Profile Photo

La Copine 🍀 Blog Terroir

Experience all the natural, aromatic and exotic notes from Mauritius finest sugar canes with our @newgroverum Rum! Cheers!🍸

Blendily (@blendily) Instagram Profile Photo


Open all your senses 🧘‍♀️and let the forest 🌲🌳 be your guide! We formulated our brand new, high lather, moisturizing shaving soap for your forest-loving heart. Infused with Western Red Cedar Essential Oil and Ginger Essential Oil, this soap will bring your heart back to your favorite forest!

James W. (@kvasiryyc) Instagram Profile Photo

James W.

Le Restaurant de Coquillage

Le Coquillage at the historic seaside Château Richeux is the perfect place to observe the retreating tide in the bay, while savouring the treasures of the sea and #terroir of . **

Tyler Zielinski (@bon_vivantito) Instagram Profile Photo

Tyler Zielinski

Hillrock Estate Distillery

I posted on my IG story a couple weeks ago about my transition from bartending into a new whiskey-related role, but now that I’m officially on-board I felt it was time to share 🥂. . I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken on a new role as Brand, PR & Sales Manager @hillrockestatedistillery 🥃. The brand’s focus on terroir-driven whiskies by sustainably growing, and harvesting, all of their grain on their beautiful estate and over 800 acres of farmland in the surrounding area is a concept that aligned with my interests and passions within the spirits industry. That and the fact that they’re one of only a handful of distilleries from around the world that actually malt their own grain (pretty awesome). Master Distiller Dave Pickerell (RIP)—who was at Maker’s Mark for 14 years—worked with Hillrock’s founder to create a premium line of innovative whiskies and, even though Dave has passed, his impact on the brand will always be felt (and tasted). . Anyway, I’m thrilled to be a part of this team and project, and there are only better things to come from this brand in the coming years 🥃. I’m in this one for the long haul 🙏🏽

Tablas Creek Vineyard (@tablascreek) Instagram Profile Photo

Tablas Creek Vineyard

Le Frere

A lunch in Corsica at the restaurant Le Frere. Attendees enjoyed wines from @domainecomteabbatucci and a dish prepared with the beef of the Corsican "Tiger Cow" which comes from a genuine Corsican bovine strain, recognizable by its bringing dress, called Saïnata in Corsica. Just imagine a cow with a tiger's coat, a really unique sight!    #terroir  

Cocumont, Aquitaine, France

✨Lorsque l’on parcourt vignob d’Élian, surprise. Ici, pas d’océan de vignes. Mais une alternance de prés. De vergers. De bois. La diversité y est marquante. Témoin du passé de la région qui a longtemps préféré la culture céréalière maraîchère à celle du vin.🌿 Retrouvez le portrait d’Élian Da Ros dans la bio.🙌 #terroir @eliandaros 📷@antoninbonnetphotography

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