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💙Murphy & Kristina💜 (@servicedogmurphy) Instagram Profile Photo servicedogmurphy

💙Murphy & Kristina💜

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*i edited this post a few times ⬇️* For tonight's training, we worked on mat training/place with distance and duration (there's a long hallway to back into), and rear end awareness with pivoting using positive reinforcement (markers and rewards). I recorded the recaps. He had a couple oops, one going right next to his spot instead of on it, he needed to be reminded 2x with a hand cue to get fully in front of me when pivoting, and he got off the stool three times 💁🏼‍♀️ #tasktrained

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Handler: Koyote Moone

Instagram Image by Handler: Koyote Moone (@bannerthesuperdog) with caption : "Depression is not something you can get over in a day. 
It feels like someone has tied lead weights to your feet and thr" at Menlo, Georgia - 1718488806897118177

Depression is not something you can get over in a day. It feels like someone has tied lead weights to your feet and throws you into an ocean of your darkest thoughts, and you sink. It honestly feels like you’re drowning. When someone feels like that, they don’t need everyone asking “what’s wrong with you?” We know something is wrong, but we feel guilty for talking about it. When we say we’re fine, it’s because we want you to drop it. It’s better to tell someone you’re there for them than try to break through the walls they have very carefully built. You have to have a level of trust and comfort to be able to talk about some of the bad things in your mind. Making yourself vulnerable to someone else is terrifying, and trying to make someone break and tell you means they will never trust you. Give them time, give them space, give them a hug if welcome. Don’t feel bad that you feel bad. There is always someone you can turn to, and we love you.