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AusBiz. magazine

The Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘smart farming’ could deliver benefits of $14-22 billion to the Australian agriculture industry annually through improved crop and livestock yields, reduced wastage and livestock mortality, operational process improvements, and maintenance and labour cost savings. But what exactly is a ’smart farm’? ⠀ Click the link in our bio to find out in the new issue of .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #sustainableagriculture

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Tumaluntung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia

After the beach clean up, Sony- advisor of @manengkelsolidaritas - showed me their biogas project this afternoon. Few 🐷 supply free reliable gas for stoves to 7 households and the bioproduct of the process becomes the compost of a new organic farm if eggplants, salad and fruit! Livelihood and economic security have already improved ♻️✔️ What a great seed for a future sustainable micro business 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

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Plant Your Future 🌿

🛎🛎YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE 🎙🎙LET’S GET PLANTING!! 🌱🌲🌿🌱🌲🌿🌱🌲🌱🌱🌲🌿 This morning we’ve posted an article by @guardian looking at some of the amazing work being carried out by charities across the world to restore trees to our planet. You can help Plant Your Future continue its work to meet the same goals by donating today. Get the link to this article, find out more about our story and how to donate by visiting (link in bio).

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Newstead Brewing Co

New South Wales

Going against the grain with our mates @voyager_craft_malt to bring you something a little different from their paddock to your pint!

💜 HW.E HQ 🌿🕸🌏 ( Instagram Profile Photo

💜 HW.E HQ 🌿🕸🌏

💜 Well my friends, I still in bed recovering from what ended up as a 36 hour fever & brutal but azing purge of stagnant & unneeded energy from my system... - Honestly, it's been weeks since I'd taken the time to really rest my mind as well as my - working 2 paid jobs, hosting HQ interviews, building the HW.E business structure & working through so many business microdegrees & forfeiting any genuine time off for myself in the process is the reality I've recently chosen for myself - so I'm not surprised life has thrown this in the works to force me to actually STOP & Slow. Right. Down. - I embracing the rest & feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for the comforts of home - bed, pussycats, warmth, running drinking water, food in the fridge (and the return of my appetite) - the love & support of fily & friends offering to come to my aid in whatever ways they can - my for all the azing things she is constantly doing to keep this experience of life going for me - & very specifically - for the chicken & sweet corn soup from Lenny's (the Jewish deli near my Mum's house) & for my Dad who delivered 3 tubs of it off to me today 🙏 I so so so so grateful for the nourishment & nutrients I'm receiving from eating the flesh of another animal - as a vegetarian this is a rare moment for me, but it's exactly what my has needed, & it's freakin delicious 🙏💜 - 💜 I took this photo at the aquarium with my little 2 year old friend for work on Monday, right before the fever hit me... Now I'm about to tuck myself back into bed for a super early night & wake up ready to honour the winter solstice here with you guys tomorrow.... What a perfect time to be taken into hibernation by life & all her many twists & turns 🙏🌕🌏❄💜 - 💙 Sending out big big love always, hope you too are tapping into what you have to be grateful for no matter what part of your own journey life is moving you through right now 🤗🌿🕸🌏💜

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