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👩‍🎨  ХУДОЖНИК| Рисую на заказ (@marianna_risuet) Instagram Profile Photo

👩‍🎨 ХУДОЖНИК| Рисую на заказ

Второй день работ по росписи чувашек.Срочный заказ. Закончили. 2 Художника и 3 помощника. Благодарим за помощь🤗Скульптуры по 2,5м теперь украшают город Чебоксары. Подарок администрации на радость горожанам г. Чебоксары. 550 лет, поздравляем! 😊 #superwork

Alexandra Dental (@alexandra_dental) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandra Dental

Skycourt Shannon

Wow😯This poor girl had a nasty Fracture..... What A fantastic restoration by Dr.Ian in our Shannon practice😍 @dr.iandanaher 🔥👏🏻 #superwork

Fit For Sports (@fitforsports.india) Instagram Profile Photo

Fit For Sports

Pune City

🇮🇳Inderjeet Singh is Indian athlete specializing in the shot put. He won the gold medal at the Asian Athletics Championships in 2015 . . 🎱The shot put is a track and field event involving "putting" a heavy spherical object—the shot—as far as possible. The shot put competition for men has been a part of the modern Olympics since their revival in 1896, and women's competition began in 1948. . . 💪The primary purpose of a weightlifting regimen for shot put, discus and javelin throwers is to build the power required to throw as far as possible. While you’ll need to engage in Olympic lifts to develop total-body strength and speed, start with compound lifts to build a base of strength. Isolation exercises can be used to remedy muscular imbalances as well as develop those regions of the body, such as your rotator cuffs, which can be vulnerable to injury. . . #Superwork

CityofLiverpoolGym (@cityofliverpoolgym) Instagram Profile Photo


Even more 2012’s showing their new backaways! Well Done Bethany, Libby, Isla, Honor and Sasha! Keep up the hard work #superwork

AP - Alberto Piccolo 🇮🇹 (@albertopiccolo) Instagram Profile Photo

AP - Alberto Piccolo 🇮🇹

Anima, amore, sudore e fatica. Fatica ancor di più oggi delegare ciò che personalmente costruito con soddisfazione e sbagli. Orgoglioso di essere stato acquisito da un gruppo di investitori che hanno creduto nel progetto svolto e hanno un piano di sviluppo industriale importante. Un grazie a chi ha creduto a questa operazione, un grazie a Officine Srl per aver ammirato il mio impegno e di avermi dato l opportunità da domani di gestire i vertici come amministratore di questa grande azienda. Grazie @apautomationgroup per il cammino di gioie vissute. 💪 #superwork

⭐️ Little Stars ⭐️ (@littlestarsweb) Instagram Profile Photo

⭐️ Little Stars ⭐️

Happy Boy and happy me after so wonderful training 😍😍😍🤩😋 #superwork

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