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Chris Brookshire (@snowracer208) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Brookshire

Tripping out some big blue spruce! The 461 pulled hard. #stihl461

Carpenter in the middle of 🇸🇪 (@eddepsnickeri) Instagram Profile Photo

Carpenter in the middle of 🇸🇪

Stor sågen får jobba hårt. Vilken är eran största såg?

Kaitlin Scown (@kaitlinscown) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaitlin Scown

Harrison Lake, BC

I've been testing out the new Cannon light bar the last few days and so far I really like it! The 36 is a wee bit too much bar for my stock 461, but I really like the feel of it so far. It's quite rigid and seems like it's going to be really durable. I'm bringing in a different saw to use with it tomorrow. More pictures and videos to come! #stihl461

Sir Wilhelm and Gus (@sirwilhelmandgus) Instagram Profile Photo

Sir Wilhelm and Gus

Look how clean it is🤩 Giving it a test run before putting it to work.💪🏼 . . . #stihl461

Jason Swartz (@jason_swartz_) Instagram Profile Photo

Jason Swartz

Taylor Education Building

Not a bad way to spend a couple hours this morning. Finished up the removal of this dead right as the rain set in. #Stihl461

My brother in saws getting it done in the tree game yesterday! It was nice to have a break from climbing let the younger bucks get it done!! @t.rezzzz 461

Erie County, New York

to when I got to do one of the , , things I have ever done. I was trusted to cut down my first tree. I’m glad and thankful to have gotten to know and become one of the renegade crew. Thanks @lakeviewlawns . . . . . . . 461

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