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The rifle everyone should own.


Juha "CTR" Suomalainen

Follow the sun. . . More i use this @tikka_international Tikka T3X TAC A1, the more i like it. With few small changes i have done it a precision rifle in to a taste of mine. @steineropticsusa M7Xi 4-28x56 scope has superd crisp glass, im not sure have i seen so sharp and clear glass in any scope before, stunning optic. I feel to be quite lucky what comes to guns❤️, and especially rifles, i just can not get enough of these. . #steineroptics

@modlitesystems PLH. One of the nicest lights I’ve ever owned. This head is all about the lumens. 1500 to be exact. Lots of spill so you can see everything. Shout out to @costa_defense for hooking it up. You can also see that I added the @surefire_llc Three Prong Warcomp. No fireballs here! Full pictures of my final build when I get to Ohio for • • • • #steineroptics

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Jake's take on the @steineropticsusa P4Xi is up on the site! Check it out!..................... • • • • • optics


Juha "CTR" Suomalainen

The race of two @tikka_international 6.5mm rifles. Me and my son did a 5 shot race of 100-meters with 260rem and 6.5creedmoor. I shoot with my Tikka T3X CTR 260rem and Roni is using Tikka T3X TAC A 6.5creedmoor. With the @jakituote suppressors, we keep the noise low. . . #steineroptics

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