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🔪The Casual Cutter🔪 (@the_casual_cutter) Instagram Profile Photo

🔪The Casual Cutter🔪

Typical stuff - This is pretty much what I carry every single day, only rotating between watch and knives. No massive gear dump, no whacky post-apocalyptic prep. Nothing that will have me “ready for any scenario possible” that will likely never arise if it hasn’t already in the past 37 years. Just the stuff I need and use every day without weighing me down to the point where I can’t run from an escaped circus lion if I need to... 😆 ______________________________________________________ ⌚️ @spinnakerwatches 💵 @hellbentholsters 💀 @carpe_diem_edc ⚔️ @johngrimsmoknives & @spyderco_inc 🔦 @fenixlight ______________________________________________________ • • • bug

John a k a aliaspostmortem 🇸🇪 (@knivesandbikes) Instagram Profile Photo

John a k a aliaspostmortem 🇸🇪

"The Smallest" ...knives I have. A bug from Spyderco and one of two minis from Rough Ryder. This is a stockman with MOP-scales. Just excellent finish on this little knife. 🙂🗡️🗡️🗡️ . . . . bug riderknives ryder    

Chris Carlier (@carliermusic) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Carlier

My co-workers are pretty rad! Someone got me this little @spyderco_inc bug. Delica and standard paperclip for scale. #spydercobug

5wise_prepper_maids (@5wise_prepper_maids) Instagram Profile Photo


This is the @superessestraps with full upgrade, with variations, and extra upgrades, with .. I just added today a to load-out with two O-rings. What do you think?! . Knife: #spydercobug C133P 🕸 . ➡️Take 15% off @superessestraps EDC & survival gear at link in Bio. ⚙️ Code: SSLINFILES 🔗 💡[PS- with the lanyard hole in knife you can secure it even more if on a very intense trek th terrain or battle situation with kevlar string.]

Longterm Eval of the Spyderco Manbug in V-Toku2 now on the Tube. Lots to talk about with corrosion, edge retention, ergos, and a bit of hard use. Fun little knife, great and design in a tiny package. ----- bug

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