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Void Tactical (@vtknives) Instagram Profile Photo

Void Tactical

Gucci camo is the best camo Spiritus Micro MK3 Cyre MC Tropic 🏝🏝   #spiritussystems

mondaywarhol (@mondaywarhol) Instagram Profile Photo


DEFCON × VANS クレイジーお値打ち価格でゲット😭😭😭😭 DEFCONパッチが入ってなかったけど、全然オッケー🙆‍♂️ (丸紐は入ってた Spiritus に聞いたら近々ではMC AridのOVERT作る予定はないなぁ、、(ゆくゆくは作るかもだけどね😉 って話だったので色変えるかなぁと思ってたんだけど、これが手に入ってしまったので、これはもうAridで行きなさいって事だと解釈してもう少し頑張ろうと思います🤗🤗🤗 #spiritussystems

takahiro.paty~ (@jpsmorningwoodcore) Instagram Profile Photo


23日AF定例会( ✧Д✧) カッ!! 楽しかった(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ #spiritussystems

Thomas Arrington (@truegeorgiaboy) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Arrington

The Tactical Farm, LLC

So many good things going on here...... and that @spectrain_nc GO Patch..... __________________________________________________ Upcoming @spectrain_nc Courses Core Rifle - July 13th Core Pistol - July 27th __________________________________________________ #spiritussystems

oakcitytactics (@oakcitytactics) Instagram Profile Photo


Garage Find of the day. Getting into old duffel bags. Desert Night Camo Parka with Liner AND Pants for the win. I think it goes well with MC, what do you say? We hated UCP Digital but somehow these were so much cooler. Although they are getting scarce in larger sizes LE Snipers who don’t have time to change out of a street uniform could do a lot worse than one of these with some spray paint touch ups as a quick over garment. Not a lot of 💰 spent either. #spiritussystems @velocitysystems @spiritussystems

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