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Maryam Rahman (@_maryam_rahman) Instagram Profile Photo

Maryam Rahman

Karachi, Pakistan

Ajay Na Payo Laal II 2018 Mixed media on paper A drawing from my last solo show at Koel Gallery, Karachi @koelgallery @noorjehanbilgrami #southasianart ( Instagram Profile Photo

/ I was hesitant on posting this since the woman's face looks a lot like mine (was too lazy to search for other references), but my friend exclaimed that all women wear crowns so hey whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️ // Lately I've been learning about Mughal miniature paintings, the cobalt blue Persians have used in their murals & ceramics, and also general facts about the Mughal empire, and I wanted to consolidate all of this information into one painting...which is what this is :) There's a lot of different elements in this painting and it was my first time planning so much for a given piece. I'll go into detail on my story, but basically I loved making this and it's given me ideas for future paintings 😁 Edit: background of this painting is now in my highlights! . . . art artist #southasianart

Subdrift East Bay (Oakland) (@subdrifteastbay) Instagram Profile Photo

Subdrift East Bay (Oakland)

Oakland, California

@dkk985 is a believer of energy, manifestation, power of the arts and expression. He chooses joy by brining people together over dance, music, singing etc. as a means of fostering togetherness. [Layout by @theeasybay]

The Mittal Institute (@mittalinstitute) Instagram Profile Photo

The Mittal Institute

Our Visiting Artist Fellowship is a great opportunity for artists from South Asia to spend part of the year at @harvard to perform research that will help them expand on their art practice. Watch this video to hear @amankaleem describe her experience as a Visiting Artist Fellow last year! Apply for this opportunity by Monday, July 1. . . . . nart

S.A.A.T.H. (@bollytc) Instagram Profile Photo


Introducing Ashmita Srivastava Arora, our second actor playing Mittu! . “A lot of Mittu's story is about the struggle to survive in this country. You spend so much on your education, your parents want the best for you, and we choose our own paths, yes, but there is struggle at every point. We just try our best to get through it. . The maximum period of time that you can be on the H1-B visa is three years and then you have a limitation of six years and you can only go beyond six years if you have your I-140 clear (all these legal terms!). So every time we are approaching that three year extension mark, the comes up because things like immigration laws keep changing. It all depends on who's going through your file, what they are thinking at that point in time. · My character goes through the dilemma of finding a home as she's trying really hard to make a place for herself where she wants to have a future. At the same time she is trying to understand if she has something to lose because she might have to go back to where she came from. That is something I relate to; that is always a part of my life right now. And I think it's going to be a part of my life for quite a while.” . Get your tickets at: · · · PC: Kerry Wang @therebellenstc art

istani™ (@_istani) Instagram Profile Photo


We are doing a little tweak of our website. Only accepting orders via DMs until then. We’ll be back up soon with a new look! Stay tuned! . . . #southasianart

Dilrani Kaur (@dilranikaur) Instagram Profile Photo

Dilrani Kaur

•🌕• Once in a Gold Moon •🌕• . . . 24k Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Black Ink & Graphite 11”x8” (Available) DM for enquires . . . . . . #SouthAsianArt

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