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Joanna Bronisławska (@asi_mina) Instagram Profile Photo

Joanna Bronisławska

wizja lokalne w kosmicznych sprawach @nospr #soundofspace

Governors Island

Installing new work #soundofspace

Werkstatt Matlak | (@werkstattmatlak) Instagram Profile Photo

Werkstatt Matlak |

Dynacord VRS-23 (1982) | Another recapping job. Lots of tantalum caps within the psu circuit. Some of them had shorts so we decided to replace them all. Makes sense in here! Solid fx-unit, nice sound and fun to play with. Besides recap our usual service was performed. Enhanced jacks, cleaned potentiometers, overall cleaning and a set of new screws ;) #soundofspace

Subwax Bcn

📦 Test Pressing received 📦 💎 Crisp and clear sound on that new Modex EP 💎 Available in full lenght very soon on a dancefloor near you, and from every good record stores in a few weeks. #soundofspace

BLVKOBLSK (@blvkoblsk) Instagram Profile Photo


DARK ELEMENTS ALBUM RELEASE ཁམས་ལྔ • གསང་ལམ • སྙན་ཆ SIINIISIIN ~ DARK ELEMENTS • A ritualistic dark ambient + drone sonic decent into the cosmic abyss from the manifestation of the primordial alpha vibration spanning the spherical aeons of existence to the last sliver of light before reaching the apex of the omega horizon to once again return to eternal darkness. Tantric meditative mindfuck to the deepest recesses of creation, psyche and primal instinct traversing the astral realm until the cosmic sea is in the absence of light with subtle waves of esoteric Buddhism, Bön, and encoded left-hand path elemental magick. MAY 1ST 2019 Art by @blvkoblsk #soundofspace

Kevin Vibes (@vibesterrones) Instagram Profile Photo

Kevin Vibes

"sonido del espacio 2119" #Soundofspace

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