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Kimberly Zenobia (@zenobiaexoticjewels) Instagram Profile Photo

Kimberly Zenobia

reza farahmand (@reza_mah) Instagram Profile Photo

reza farahmand

Army Team Mid-Atlantic (@armyteammidatlantic) Instagram Profile Photo

Army Team Mid-Atlantic

Army Team Mid-Atlantic (@armyteammidatlantic) Instagram Profile Photo

Army Team Mid-Atlantic

Redefining You Foundation (@redefiningyoufoundation) Instagram Profile Photo

Redefining You Foundation

Good morning Redefiners, Stop feeling guilty for moving on and cutting people off who continue to take from you. Take your time, your money, your kindness and your peace. It's ok to be selfish and focus on you. Its ok to let those people go. Its ok to leave people behind because you are just not on the same level of growth. Have a great Monday and week. Focus and continue to grow and inspire those around you. #soldiers

We Are Alien 🌈 (@wearealienband) Instagram Profile Photo

We Are Alien 🌈


I never thought about it much. Those little moments when you have a knife in your hand chopping vegetables in the kitchen, or are standing with a loved one on a mountain vista with noone else around. Don't try to shy away from the truth. We've all been there. That momentary thought that comes from nowhere, and is dismissed almost as quickly as it came. But as a doctor who operates on people daily, or snaps bones back into their sockets, or those who encounter numerous injuries working on building sites...when you've rescued burning bodies from buildings and traffic collisions as a first responder... It's that experience of actually witnessing physical devastation i.e. on bomb victims who on scene are pulling shrapnel out of their own legs, stomachs, heads... Where as, for example, you or I or Joe blogs if we had a dislocated shoulder id have thought we would seek A and E and leave it to a professional. But a soldier in the field might snap it back in place without a second thought...ok, maybe not a second thought. But my point, Instinct and curiosity's only defender against evil ,I would have thought, would be lack of experience? #soldiers

Sfc B Franklin (@the_sfc_franklin1) Instagram Profile Photo

Sfc B Franklin

A whirlwind week during Annual Training. A lot of different events, fun times with friends, and some tears for those retiring and deploying. Grateful to be a part of this organization. #soldiers

Leahmae Jhoy Tumshien (@tumshien) Instagram Profile Photo

Leahmae Jhoy Tumshien

#Soldiers a fortune,,me&. my idol jerald HAHAHA

Its all about Military (@itsallaboutmilitary) Instagram Profile Photo

Its all about Military

Art is making something out of nothing and selling it. @itsallaboutmilitary #soldiers 😎😎😉😉🙌🙌🙌🙈🙈🙈💖💞💕💓💟💜💝💛💚💙

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