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Sacha Morqueda Santillan (@sachamorquedasantillan) Instagram Profile Photo

Sacha Morqueda Santillan

Prado Idpa 6/23/19... I got a penalty last time for a stage like this. I took a step back to have more visibility and I stepped over the line where as you can see this time I watched my footing LOL and I did pretty well on the stage. we also had a little bit of distance shooting..I’m always up for a challenge small target, distance, movement etc I love it all !! #smithandwesson

Did some 15 yards practice today... Started out poorly (7) but improved somewhat... A bit too high though... #smithandwesson

Alamo Jewelry & Loan, Inc. (@alamopawnandgun) Instagram Profile Photo

Alamo Jewelry & Loan, Inc.

@coltfirearms WWII Pacific Theater Operations Commemorative 1911. 49 years old and specifically exempted on the ATF C&R list for collections.

Prado Idpa 6/23/19 ... The pop up target 🎯 .. I got a down zero on that bad boy !!! I was down 3 on that stage total. I’ll take it ! #smithandwesson @smithwessoncorp @apextactical

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K Frame day at the range

I don't have a purse big enough for my 30 30 but all my purses fit #smithandwesson

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