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. 人生100年時代FORUM2019 大阪会場 申し込み完了👍✨ . 仕事終わりに 急いで慌てて焦って申し込んだけど 先着5000名まだまだ余裕? え?ほんまに大丈夫? 伊藤健太郎氏ほんまに来るの? 会えるの? まだまだ長ーい未来を語ってくれるの? . #SMBC

D A N I| Everything is iDeal❤️ (@danidelese) Instagram Profile Photo

D A N I| Everything is iDeal❤️

Charlotte, North Carolina

One day we’ll look back on this day and laugh at how we thought we’d be undercover forever. _ As you continue to break into industries and groom your gift, never resent that “they” don’t see you properly. _ You’ve been sent and sent people are revealed in God’s timing. It’s preparation season. ・・・ Source: @sarahjakesroberts

Baby All The Way (SMBC) (@baby_all_the_way_2018) Instagram Profile Photo

Baby All The Way (SMBC)

27 weeks today. We are now the size of a bunch of bananas 🍌 Had my whooping cough vaccine this morning. Not much else to report pregnancy wise this week. Next week will be busy with a scan and consultant appointment and also my glucose test. I hope Monday is kind to you all x . . #smbc

She looks like a rat 🐀 but she’s always by my side these days 🥰

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