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Bin diving! 🗑 I had my 3 year old rummaging through the old pots and trays bins at our local garden centre in the pouring rain ☔️ and she was very enthusiastic. I had to tear her away! Lots of garden centres have these types of facilities and they’re perfect if you a) grow lots of plants b) don’t want to pay for new pots and c) want to save something from landfill and extend its life. Win win win 👍🏻

Éamonn O'Sullivan (@hewnspoons) Instagram Profile Photo

Éamonn O'Sullivan


Three big scoops and two little ones. Every time I finish one of these, I’m reminded how much I love they way they look and feel and I’m reluctant to let them go. However, these are all in the post as we speak. . Side note: There’s nothing like a couple of decades of abuse to give something character. I pulled this old bench out of a skip the other day. It’s from a vocational school and I love all the scratches, marks, graffiti and paint spills it has. . . . . #skipdiving

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Caroline Ross

Steel, copper, bronze, fire, water. . . An elemental day. Saw my new boat. Arranged her final details with the excellent fitters, a husband and wife team. (More about them when the vessel is delivered). They gave me loads of scrap copper and bronze from the recycling bin that I was eyeing-up, when I told them that I and do drawing. Now home drying off. Torrential rain here, and a nice seasonal mid summer fire... . . Waes Hael! . . # #skipdiving

After a tiny nibble on this cucumber i added a ring of copper ( I found tiny bits of electrical cable in a skip 😉) since then it’s been doing well #skipdiving

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Lynne Lambourne

I was really thrilled to be invited to the wonderful home of @jasminehemsley a few weeks ago to chat for her for the @theofficialselfridges podcast.We chatted about my sustainable Interior Design ideas and our mutual love of skip diving. Its always lovely to find a like minded upcycling soul and Jasmine’s home was an amazing example pf how cool and individual you can make a home look without rushing out to buy everything new. I have popped the link to have a listen in my bio, I would love to hear your thoughts. ❤️🌍 .. . . #skipdiving

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