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Miraculous🐞Tikki (@_tikkicookies_) Instagram Profile Photo


It was tie with Reflekta and Bubbler so I wrote them on paper and Reflekta was the first losing the fight😜. Who next✨ • • • • • ✨tags✨ • • #silencer

Barnstead, New Hampshire

Where dry fire and isolated practice of mechanics start to shine. I didn’t know when the rifle would run dry. I just dealt with the problem as it came up🤘🏼. @parkermountainmachine.pmm on the 🎥. . . . . . #silencer

EDgun Leshiy (@edgunleshiy) Instagram Profile Photo

EDgun Leshiy

An EDgun Leshiy Short (1 shot, 1 kill). I got a few tins of EDgun/JSB 50gr .30 cal pellets... it takes the .30 to the next level 😳 Like these videos? Checkout EDgun Leshiy YouTube channel for full length pest control videos... link in Bio 👆 📷 #silencer

Crux Suppressors (@cruxsuppressors) Instagram Profile Photo

Crux Suppressors


Sooooo Hawt [in Billy Madison Voice] @silencershop with @get_repost ・・・ The @cruxsuppressors Saxon 9, pictured here with optional booster assembly, is not only the perfect host for your 9mm handgun, but it’s also rated up to .338 LM! Yes, you read that right. . Did I mention free tax stamps with any Crux suppressor through the end of the month? . #silencer

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