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Tag a Friend Below⤵ Follow @insta.shark.lover Like for your daily pictures and videos 😘 Maybe next time Jaws 😏 by @ab_roo 😎 💕 @shark_vibes 🐾 💕 thanks to the photographer 🏆! 😃 s


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Did you know that some sharks stay pregnant up to three years?! Follow @bullshark_ocean for more pictures Posted by@sharkweek s


Sir Winslows ZooStuffedAnimals (@sir_winslows_zoo) Instagram Profile Photo sir_winslows_zoo

Sir Winslows ZooStuffedAnimals

image by Sir Winslows ZooStuffedAnimals (@sir_winslows_zoo) with caption : "My shark and I...time for the beach!" - 1718225120651562928
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My shark and I...time for the beach!

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Save Our Seas Foundation

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Photo and caption via our partners Manta Trust @mantatrust ・・・ The Manta ID Palau team were finally able to film the never before observed massacre of spawning Moorish idols. Project Leader Mandy Etpison will be publishing a paper on this once a year spawning event together with Dr. Patrick Colin, which is currently under peer review. For many years they have observed large aggregations of idols running along the reefs chased by dozens of grey reef sharks a few times a year. Previously they were under the impression the sharks would chase the fish off the reef to eat them, but in 2014 they saw for the first time that the idols themselves choose to leave the safety of the reef. The fish swim out into the blue and up to the surface to spawn en mass, something never recorded before. This spectacular event is difficult to observe, since you can miss it by minutes, and the fish swim too fast for divers to be able to keep up. It turns out that aside from the dozens of greys chasing the aggregation, many more greys lay in wait out in the blue for the Moorish idols to make a swim for it, somehow knowing the right current and moon cycle days for the event. During the last spawning around 200 grey reef sharks want up to the surface with the idols and massacred most of the aggregation. The Manta ID team were able to catch up with them by boat at full speed to film hanging over the sides with GoPros on sticks. One of their GoPro housings was sacrificed to the cause, scratched and crushed by shark bites, since the greys were in a true frenzy, biting everything in site on the surface. Luckily the memory card survived to tell the tale! It is amazing that this many sharks get so excited over these skinny little fish once a year. s