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Veronica || 15 || 💜 (@idolsetsuna) Instagram Profile Photo idolsetsuna

Veronica || 15 || 💜

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Punk Rock Setsuna Yuki - Setsuna fits this set so well 💞 -  #setsunayuki     

So Emo You Dont Even E-Know. (@ll_tryhards) Instagram Profile Photo ll_tryhards

So Emo You Dont Even E-Know.

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Of course, angel! How could iforget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU! I love her so much! She’s so sweet and she’s so cheeky but also fun and energetic. I see parts of my own personality in her and can relate quite a bit. She had the most beautiful eyes and hair. And she gets some of the best URs she’s an angel we don’t deserve but she still graces us with her presence. Aqours wouldn’t be the same without her - Admin You #setsunayuki

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This is what I spend my Monday off on. Editing cards xD --- #setsunayuki Credits to: Aikatsu friends wikia And for renders and images.

μ's のナンバーワンファン! (@tsuntsunlive) Instagram Profile Photo tsuntsunlive

μ's のナンバーワンファン!

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Any Tomori fans? 💙 Never said this yet but she is so adorable! #setsunayuki

------••• ♛ ɪᴄᴏɴs ♛ •••------ (@candies.icons) Instagram Profile Photo candies.icons

------••• ♛ ɪᴄᴏɴs ♛ •••------

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