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 image by Katharina (@kathi_makesself_selfmadeshit) with caption : "Roses." - 2028631679053922259


Bikerboy😈 (@lucky_rider_22) Instagram Profile Photolucky_rider_22


 image by Bikerboy😈 (@lucky_rider_22) with caption : "Meine Droge 💉 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fotograf: @jean_0699 
#werbung" - 2028631499042728786

Meine Droge 💉 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fotograf: @jean_0699 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------#selfmade

 image by Katharina (@kathi_makesself_selfmadeshit) with caption : "Roses." - 2028631469674226920


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just me —— food blogger


Hey, how was your Tuesday? I'll have school tomorrow again, today I hadn't. Yay. I had a vegan day by the way ^_^ > . > Because I went vegan for today, I used my latest soy yogurt, which is unfortunately sweetened. But it's been very yummy, even if the tastes didn't really match perfectly. In my coconut rice drink I threw coconut paste once again :-). > . > My lunch was a very very yummy spinach chickpeas soup (from the cantine) in which put some things such as vegetables and tofu, dunno why ;-). I've had a very sweet main dish today, because I used up my spelt and prepared kinda a rice pudding with it. With apple, the very dark coconut chocolate, much honey (which was actually not vegan, sorry) and the usual things. It's been one of the sweetest menus I've ever prepared, but it's been very healthy, though. > . > I've had a vegetable-fruit plate again, because it's been fast prepared. Unfortunately I foryot to take a picture of the ingredients, so I'll list them up here: half an apple, radish, carrot, cucumber, tofu, nuts and the other stuff I add alsmost every time. I bought today a new sauce: apple-mango sauce. Very yummy and kinda exotic ^_^. This evening, I had to prepare my breakfast for tomorrow, too. Be curious :-) > . > Do u have any questions? If so, write a comment below ;-)... See ya tomorrow, bye ^_^ __________________________________________________________ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Ignore: #selfmade

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C h i m i c h u r r i 😍- Eine super Beilage zum Steak, Geflügel oder Fisch #selfmade #selfmade

Refentse (fensi) Molehe 🇿🇦 (@fensiface) Instagram Profile Photofensiface

Refentse (fensi) Molehe 🇿🇦

 image by Refentse (fensi) Molehe 🇿🇦 (@fensiface) with caption : "Becoming a boss // @imjennim

#bossbabe" - 2028630766397005755

Becoming a boss // @imjennim __