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ABC Melbourne

Warrnambool, Victoria

Meet the scary critters lurking off the coast of south-west Victoria. Some of these fierce fish live as deep as five kilometres below the surface where there is barely any light. In fact, the only light down there is generated by animals themselves using chemicals in their own bodies which reacts with oxygen and produces photons. “That’s the way they communicate or to lure a prey in for food,” said director of marine biology at Deakin University, Dr Julie Mondon. “Apart from that, living down there is a pretty tough lifestyle, there’s very little oxygen, it’s quite cold, probably between two to four degrees Celsius.” But these guys may actually look scarier than they really are. “They’re very small, they’re very flaccid, they’re very weak, they don’t have much muscle,” said Dr Mondon. Still. We’d prefer to avoid them for now. Images, in order, include: - a Sloanes Viperfish (📸 David Paul at CSIRO) - Humpback Blackdevil (📸 David Paul at CSIRO) - Deep sea anglerfish (📸 Monterrey Aquarium) - Blob fish (Robert Zelugaro) #seadweller


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Lui faire prendre l’air le temps d’une sortie.

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Rolex is introducing an Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller in a yellow Rolesor version, combining Oystersteel and 18ct yellow gold. This new watch brings 18ct yellow gold to the Sea-Dweller range for the first time. On its black dial, the name "Sea-Dweller" is inscribed in a yellow hue, echoing the colour of the 18ct yellow gold. #SeaDweller

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Loring & Co. Fine Jewelers

Loring & Co. Fine Jewelers

The yellow Rolesor version of the iconic divers’ watch sees the name “Sea-Dweller” inscribed in yellow for the first time, echoing the colour of the 18ct gold. On its Cerachrom bezel insert in black ceramic, the numerals and graduations are coated in yellow gold, creating an elegant contrast. The light reflections on the case sides and lugs highlight the profile of the Sea-Dweller’s 43-mm Oyster case, which is equipped with a helium escape valve. #SeaDweller

)(er Imperious Condescension logged the out. . . I'm still bedridden and can't wait to work and test some cosplays! Let me live vicariously through you guys and tell me what costumes you're working on this summer 😂 . . . 📷: @alienatedluna ___________________________ #seadweller

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