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NIHAL KUMAR | निहाल कुमार


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Core Energy Solar

Miami, Florida

is a driver of migration to the 🇺🇸 – we have the data, we have the facts, we have the human stories. Still, the Trump administration has done nothing to intervene in this root cause. What do you think we should do? __🇪🇦__ es causante de la migración de América Central a 🇺🇸 -- tenemos los datos, tenemos los hechos, tenemos las historias humanas. Aún así, la administración de Trump no ha hecho nada para intervenir en esta causa raíz. Y tú ¿Qué crees que deberíamos hacer? 🔝 _ _ _ . . . _ _ . . . _ _ _ #savetheenvironment


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Mayula Eco Life 💜

Reduce plastic in your kitchen and around the house and go zero waste. . A waxed cotton bag that is eco-friendly and keeps your food fresh and without plastic. Washable, reusable and zero waste, perfect for lunches or anything really! Handmade from: 100% Cotton Beeswax Tree Resin Organic Coconut Oil Shop here👇 WWW.MAYULAECOLIFE.COM . . . . . . #savetheenvironment


Hawaii has such a special place in my heart, but it shouldnt end there. Watch this 50 minute video about how we can all save the reef and the world. Didn't even know that chemical sunscreens can have such a negative impact. 🌏🏝 #savetheenvironment




𝙲𝙾𝙽𝚁𝙾𝚈'𝚂 𝙷𝙾𝙼𝙴 (@storyofno.8) Instagram Profile Photo


AD - GIFTED I’ve been gifted this cute little pot of toilet bombs “s stoppers” from the lovely @swearymary420 which is a natural toilet cleaner and even better is also environment friendly 👏🏻 They work amazing down the toilet, no need for bleach or any other harsh chemicals. I put one down the toilet, wait 5 minutes, have a little scrub and the toilet is left clean, sparkling and smelling amazing! Also brilliant for the sinks and the nasty smells 🌏🙌🏻 💪🏻 #savetheenvironment


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project पृथ्वी

A plastic bottles journey... Over 7 billion people around the world. if everyone drinks from 2 plastic bottles and they decide to throw them into the dustbin we will kill over 14 billion species and harm the environment to drastic lengths. Our regular plastic bottle ends up in the ocean swimming with thousand of mother earths other creations whereas we can turn them into good that will help us in assuring a safe future and sustainable development. Here’s how you can play your part. It’s as simple as these 3 words WATCH YOIR WASTE! 1. Ask where your waste is going. 2. Throw the waste into a recycling bin. 3.And make sure it’s going to a recycler who has a license. 3 simple steps to ensure a better future WATCH YOUR WASTE.. #savetheenvironment


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Escape Routine

Planet Earth

So excited that my @beegreenbags arrived today! Having reusable bags that you can fold up are a life saver when traveling. #savetheenvironment


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