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Ellyn Schinke, MS, NLPP (@coachellyn) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellyn Schinke, MS, NLPP

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Asian plant-based recipes 😋😎🌱 (@chrissy_fabagreen) Instagram Profile Photo

Asian plant-based recipes 😋😎🌱

💚😋🌿Salsa on Toasted eggplant🍆🌶🍅🌿 I love to eat salsa picante on toasted eggplant🌶🍅🍆😋 This is one of the dish that creates the most comments at our dinner parties. My guests love them😋🌶🍅🍆 The eggplants are toasted on a slightly oiled pan until they are soft and skin slightly burnt. 🍆🍆 I chopped onions, tomatoes, red and green chillis, garlic, and cilantro for my salsa. I use fresh local limes for the acidity.🍅🌶🌿😋 To make this yummy snack it is important to use the skinnier eggplant so that they will cook faster. 🍆Method🍆 Split the eggplants into halves.🍆🍆🍆 Slightly oil a pan, preferably cast iron and toast eggplants halves with skin side down 🍆🍆🍆 Cover the pan and toast under medium heat for 10 minutes depending on the size of the egg plant 🍆🍆🍆 They are ready when they are soft in the middle. Remove and cool them.🍆🍆🍆 🌶Sauce🍅 Chop tomatoes, onions, cilantro red and green chillis into small small cubes. Add finely chopped garlic and a bit of salt, mix. Add freshly squeezed lime juice🌶🍅🍆🌿😋 Spoon salsa on cooled eggplant. 🍆Serve as cold salad 🍅🌶 Tag a friend who loves eggplant or salads 😋😋😋 🍅 🍆 🌶 #salad


Kleurrijke salade🍑 . Voor 2 personen heb je nodig: - 70gr veldsla - Handje rucola sla - 2 nectarines - 100gr rosbief - 10 trostomaatjes - 2 handjes pecannoten - Parmezaanse kaas - Balsamico azijn . Aan de slag: Pel en rooster de pecannoten. Snijd de nectarines in stukjes, en de tomaatjes in vieren. Verdeel de sla over de borden. Scheur de plakjes rosbief in stukjes en verdeel dit over de sla. Verdeel hier vervolgens de stukjes nectarine, tomaten de pecannoten overheen. Garneer met parmezaanse kaas, en besprenkel met balsamicoazijn. Eet smakelijk!🥗 . Colorful salad🍑 . For 2 people you need: - 70gr field salad - Hand of arugula lettuce - 2 nectarines - 100gr roast beef - 10 vine tomatoes - 2 hands of pecans - Parmesan cheese - Balsamic vinegar . To work: Peel and roast the pecans. Cut the nectarines into pieces, and the tomatoes into four. Divide the lettuce over the plates. Tear the roast beef slices and divide this over the lettuce. Then divide the pieces of nectarine, tomatoes and pecans over it. Garnish with parmesan cheese and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar. Enjoy your meal! 🥗 . #salad

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Lucy Furlong

Summer salad time is here again, so is the endless summer salad prep. 😁🍅🥬🥒🌰 #salad

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